PvP Arenas (3v3, etc..) and the balance question

Recently a DEV said the following: “Shouldnt we balance the weapons first before we add arenas?”

My opinion about that is: There is no way you can balance smallscale team pvp without small scale team pvp.

Why? Here are my points.:

1.) Obstacles like pillars (which are a must have - please dont do open field arenas with no obstacles) will have a huge impact in how several weapon sets and armor sets will perform. For example light armor could be as viable in this scenario as heavy because you could maybe play the map better.

2.) The synergy between weapon sets also have a huge impact. A weapon which is underperforming in 1v1 or bigscale pvp can be a top tier weapon in a 3v3 scenario for example.

Of course a ranked ladder would be the goal in this game mode but for me, it would be enough if there would be a small reward for doing arenas at the beginning. Like chests…etc. i dont know. I feel a bit lost with the newest update on the ptr. I absolutley hate the fact that i have to do pve content to get the best gear while pvpers have the faction gear. (Ye i know there is crafted gear etc - but i would love to see some viable pvp gear aswell)

I’d love to see pvp arenas (3v3, etc) addet. What do you think guys?

What is your opinion about it?

I can talk for a lot of people in my circle who said that they will return to new world if they add pvp arenas.

PS: Sorry for my english - i hope its understandable. :slight_smile:


Romez! :slight_smile:


The dev was right in this case

Also by balanced he probably meant fixed., seeing how half the passive skills are still broken.

Well if this is the only argument they shouldnt add pve content as well. :slight_smile:

And also how would you balance a 3v3 scenario without having it?

U Wut fam? You’re comparing 3v3 ranked arenas to pve.

Maybe fix the game first before adding anything competitive, which would be a joke rn.

okay i guess you havent read my post at all.

Are you ok

Read the post to the end.

I agree that this mode shouldnt be competitive nor ranked at the beginning. But i do think that it should exist and reward pvpers for playing it with for example chests. They should satisfy pvpers like they do it for pvers.

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