PvP balance experience

So i’ve just visited outpost rush for few times, finally got oportunity to find pvp in this game. Short report about balance:
mage 300 int, 550+ gs weapons with crit chance and crit damage perks, best gems etc. (actually there’s nothing better for more dps in the game for mage right now) deals 700 dmg from CRITICAL HEAVY attack or ABILITY against hammer+/hatchet+/GA heavy armor players. That is 5% of their max HP.
While this hammer+/hatchet+/GA heavy armor players deal 800-1100 dmg (idk is it crit/heavy or not) against medium+heavy full resilient full tier 5 onyx armor.

The highest mobility in the game cause of that perma 20% ms bonuses and closeup ability, the highest CC (like, on every f**king button, and its not that BS “stun” that normal people calls “sleep” if it falls off after taking damage), are the most tanky (after tank that afk holding shield), and deal 100% more percentage and 50% more raw dmg against “dps” (that actually are not, as you can see) classes, while don’t even have 300 str obv. with that amount of hp.

Its fine if its another one bug that allows them to stuck 200% dmg forever somehow, or if your gems gives 20% elemental resistance instead of 2% etc.
But if everything is intended and this is what this game will be, please, PLEASE someone like community manager, let me know, just reply “thats our vision of the game, everything you described is what it should be”. Thanks ^^

Sometimes you face guys that deal you ~1500 and you deal them ~1500, and it looks same in percentage, and the game actually (WOW) becomes funny even through those crazy server lags and character movement stuttering and abilities that hits but deals no dmg. It really looks like theres some new exploit that gives you 100% additional defence, but maybe this exploit is called heavy armor and constitution…

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