PvP Balance Needs to Be Addressed

PvP Balance is in quite possibly the worst state it has been in since release. Yes, worse than GA lunge essentially being a medium dodge and worse than VG on release. Melee has been relegated to either heavy point-centric play, or light armor and rolling through everything just to get kited by healers/ranged weapons. I don’t understand why melee needed nerfs every single patch since release (only one was warranted, the rest were bugfixes), but here we are, in a bow/fire staff/musket/ice gauntlet dominated metagame where OPR is nearly unplayable for anything without a light dodge roll or a Death Defy off cooldown. A small tuning patch in early July would be great, considering it won’t look so good if you wait until the Barnacles and Black Powder patch to adjust certain weapons.

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heavy point-centric play is already the name of the game.

no amount of pvp tweeks is going to change that.

There’s objectives that win you a town if you stand on them. It stands to reason you’d apply a lot of damage in that area when it counts. People are always going to want to mitigate as much of that damage in that role.

There are some small issues with balancing like - why 50% players on opr and arenas are bow players? But other than that you can find all kind of builds on 3vs3. And they can do well in proper hands. Like GA/WH - 9/10 players on arena isnt to usefull. But this 1/10 are super good to have in team.

And this is still better than GA/WH meta where it was gravity into gravity and cc hammer chain stun from 3+ dudes.

You will never get perfect balance. You are just moving between unbalanced states of different weapons/builds.

i fucking hate the concept of perfect imbalance vs just mathamtically close enough balance.

but thats just me.

ffs just add a new perk that gives defiant stance phalanx and move on to the next bull shit please ags.

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