Pvp being completely ignored

Im just trying to understand why pvp feedback is being completely ignored by the devs. We want new content. Just just reworks of the current content.


Bcs PvP is completely broken… all of it… OPR… Arena… open world… its a complete joke…
Most of the OPR you do when you random drop in a team… you loose… always… there are too many aimbots and other cheats… They shoot through rocks and walls… do immense damage with a simple basic ironwood spear… the whole PvP is kaput… thats why they ignore it…
The PvP is so bad… its not even worth mentioning in a ad or some… AGS should state… “And we tried to implement some form of PVP… but this is in a very broken stage… ofc you can use aimbots to make it better for yourself… we dont check… at all… ever”

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While they do exist, they are not that common.

That sounds like lag on your part.

If you are seeing a white weapon on the death screen, its a display bug.

This is very far from the truth. Massive PvP Changes for world pvp, new maps, cross realm pvp, are all very close.

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It’s not ignored, people wanted a balance between weapons and we are getting it, people wanted new weapons and we got them, people wanted a new game mode and we got it ( Arena ), people wanted more ways to encourage open world PVP and we got it (PVP flagging for luck) not to mention all the war and opr changes we have had since launch. The devs have mentioned new maps for OPR and Arena at some point, they have said they are bringing out cross-server game modes, which will likely turn into Cross server, ranked games of OPR, Arena and wars.

In what way is pvp feedback ignored?

Nah… we should not be naive here… PvP is cheated in NW… a lot… i did some research… and the software for that is high quality stuff… not some simple thingie… And when i asked how much they sold… its in the thousands… for new world only… everyday ppl buy it… and thus we can assume run it as well…

Afterwards i told the aimbot sellers… to #$@# off… and well… etc… i hate it… i freakin hate it… they ruin games everywhere… stupid… lazy dumb ppl… that cant play fair… bweh

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Its being completely ignored, the feedback we give doesn’t match what we get, pve gets monthly updates with new content. Our last new bit of conten for pvp was the pvp track and before that was 3v3s. Thats it that’s all we’ve received. So tell me again how u can even kinda compare what the pvp community has received in updates. We are being ignored. Plane and simple

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Lag?.. my ping is 13-20ms… aint no lag… lol…
Ofc… its not everyone in OPR using cheats… but in most battles… you’ll see them… for sure…

Whats your RTT?

Its definitely not in thousands.

Where tf are these so called updates then?? Like i said last but of new content we’ve had is the pvp track.

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PVP is hardly being ignored. Since the launch pvp has had OPR (it did not work and we couldn’t play when the game first launched) and Arena was added. So in total 3 very different game modes to play currently not including pvp quests, open world pvp. Each has had changes, additions added to it and bug fixes. Multiple balance changes, weapons added, and features to encourage open-world PVP, PVP track, changes to influence quests and so much more.

If you want to dumb down the number of updates that have been about pvp and try to say PVE gets all the updates then I shall do the same, PVP gets all the updates but we have only had one game mode added since launch, and that’s mutations. Other than mutations PVE players have been ignored and had nothing else added.

Remember that New world is a PVX game, the majority of the game is PVE as it’s an MMO. Yes, there are PVP game modes but the vast majority of players are PVE so in order to appeal to the majority of players PVE content is a higher priority than PVP, if the vast majority of players were PVP only players then you would see the content being directed primarily towards PVP. In life and business, you suit the needs of the majority, not the minority.

This couldnt be father from the truth??? Idk what game you’re playing. Pvp has received 3 new bits of content from release and thats it. Pve received new content and game updates every single month from open world bosses to open world events. New dungeens new areas. Its not even kinda close to each other in comparison. But idc if pve gets more content or more tlc im not here to agrue that. Im just here to understand why we arent getting any new content in anyway shape n form. Reworking the current pvp systems in the game isnt new content.

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Trying to say that a new zone is pve only isn’t quite right, you can open world PVP there. You can push influence there, you can wage a war there too. So it’s just as much new pvp content as it is pve content.

You really going to mention new dungeons? I kept that out of the discussion but we can say the same about wars too. Apart from dungeons being the same mobs we have fought since launch and the fact that none of them have any real mechanics… but How many territories can be owned? How many can have a war on them? Each war has a different map depending on territory, Should we class each war map as it’s own pvp game mode or “content”? If so then PVP has a lot more game modes and content than PVE does in terms of dungeons.

Yeah it’s like PVE content since launch it’s only had 1 bit of new content, and that’s mutations. You might want to read patch notes from time to time, you will often find in every patch there is a lot of PVP stuff in it. Almost everything you claim is PVE content is also PVP content too.

for months pvp is ruined by ranged. what does this dev team do? buff firestaff, leave bow untouched, force muskets to camp on rocks without nerfing their dmg and nerf melees. you cant make this up. but ig uess this is what happens when you dont play the game yourtself and balance the game around people posting in the forums and some numbers in their backend. truely a lost cause of a dev team.


everything you listed is the same content pvp had had from release lool. We havent received a single new piece of content since the pvp track. You guys get monthly updated events and open world boss’s. name one new piece of content pvp has received in the last 5 months. New content not reworks to current systems. U guys literally get monthly updates for new events boss’s ect. Idk how this is even a discussion in your mind. And trying to bring wars into it is just dumb. Its locked behind zerg companys and only a small amout of ppl get to participate in them.

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Monthly updates for PVE? wow, when does that start? It’s yet to have happened lol. Ok how about Brimstone sands? It’s a new territory for you to open world PVP, it’s a new territory for you to do pvp quests, it’s a new territory for you to push influence, it’s a new territory for you to attack and defend. The extra doors added at spawn in OPR/the armoury in spawn in OPR, was that before or after brimstone? All technically pvp content.

The events and world bosses that are added to the game are the same events just different skin and worthless rewards. I bought wars into it when you bought dungeons into it as they are very similar in terms of content.

I wasn’t trying to argue with you, just state that your points were wrong and pretty weak. Do I think they should add extra OPR/Arena maps? Yes. Do I think they should add game modes like capture the flag etc as an OPR-style game? Yes. Do I think they need to add 5v5 Arenas? Yes. Do I think they should add them before they balance weapons, fix bugs and add a cross-server functionality/ranking system? Nope.

Making game modes and then remaking them to implement cross-server functionality would be silly. It’s better to get the infrastructure in place and then make the content otherwise you are making everything twice and wasting time and resources that could be used on other things.

Once they have made OPR, Arena and wars cross-servers and ranked, then they will have everything in place in order to make other game modes quicker and easier. You have to remember that when they launched the game, they had no idea how buggy the game was, they thought they were releasing a pretty polished game, and they didn’t realise that the product they released was two years too early.

Give it a little time and there will be plenty of game modes and content, at the moment the majority of players are pve players and they want players to return, this involves adding as much QOL features, bug fixes, weapon balancing and pve content as they can. Once there is the bare minimum of features that you would expect in an MMO then they will be able to focus on pvp game modes.

Lol mate what an absolute joke.

Luck bonus incentive for open world PvP? More.pvp content equals a request for arena?

Check the top PvP topics for the last 6 months. CMs refuse to even put a templated response in.

PvP is the one defining feature of NW and Devs and CMs alike decided to ignore it as hard as possible. No idea why.

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