PVP bonuses and the toddlers

Last post was taken down because you guys are great.
I don’t want to write a full essay like you great people. But all of you who cry about these bonuses are mentally great. The game already favors pve if you want to achieve max gear by a massive amount. If person A enjoys pvp more it does not help watermark, money, crafting, gathering, getting rare items or pretty much anything. It will not help you get to late game content faster either. So literally stop being great already.

All love tho hehe

This post is pretty great

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waittt… LMAO

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was there ever a confirmation as to whether pvp luck bonus’ stacked with gear? I would laugh if they didn’t as the entire discussion would be pointless. Personally, i don’t feel much of a different running around pvp flagged while gathering in fulll luck gear.

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More spam from resident Qtard

idk i use to run full harvest luck gear and i see 0 difference. Kinda lame, but it be like that. I think theres such thing as too much luck tbh. So hopefully I just wont have to run that gear anymore.

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question mark

This is what i thought the entire point was. you can either run pvp flagged and forget about gathering gear, OR - pve flag and use gathering gear. Full gathering gear is what… 45%? ish? so most people in pve running around in 40% ish - add another 30% to that with pvp flag, you’d think there’d be a MAJOR difference. I don’t see it.

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Welp. Not wanting other people to have something by taking a risk all can take is irrational Envy. It was normal in Socialism where I grew up, but I guess Americans are becoming Socialists so…

It’s pointless to bother with this. You won’t change their minds about it cuz their mindset has a framework that won’t allow it. Don’t you see it? Equity at all cost, I mean.

Yeah hope they fix it
But it kind of works out cause I think I’m good with not wearing so much luck gear lol
And I don’t wanna have to craft voidbent stuff :frowning:

I can only hope people can see the logic in my statement. If they can’t I just troll. Who knows maybe I’m the slow one here lol

Not trying to change anyones mind here. Just wanting clarification on their stellar wording on their updates and abilities. So many things have just left me scratching my head.
Take this for example: image
it used to be 200%, got changed to 150% recently… i still have no idea whether this means 150% bonus damage to the first shot? 150% to all damage done by poison shot? 150% bonus damage to poison ticks? And the thing is… you can’t test it because the math in this game is so screwed up its impossible to tell. Likely it takes the based damage of the weapon, which is like 50, *20% for light armor, then takes that and *150%, then adds on dex bonus, so your total increased damage is like… 80 bonus damage. When im hitting for 8-11k, 80 bonus damage… no thanks. But who knows?

Great Axe Blood Lust changed description from 15 meters to 1.3 meters recently too. I think it’s not the same person that modifies skill tooltips and changes the actual skill mechanics.

The same happened in Life Staff, LMB skill. It had its own animation and entirely different game mechanic from the skill tooltip. Then they changed it to match the skill description, called it ‘improvement’ and it was a hard nerf to make the skill way harder to use and far less useful.

Noooo they nerfed my great axe :frowning: I did feel like bloodlust was different
Time to go to the next best thing
That op musket rapier combo lmao

Really? You do not see? I am able to get 10-15 void ores a day if I wanted to, suggesting that on average I get one every hour with major trophies

Maybe it works better on higher tier gatherings
I loot herbs cus I’m filth and broke lmao…

Also don’t have the big money trophies

Wait side note where do you be getting those ores? I’m shattered ? Lmao

Blood Lust still works normally sometimes. But yeah, I think the change in skill tooltip means a HARD Nerf is coming to GA.

Also, that melee glitch where some hits miss the target is still happening to me.

Bro the hit miss is so annoying !!!

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