Pvp = cc - change my mind

why do games have cc’s? disable the player, affect the player in a way where he is at a disadvantage either positionally or mitigating circumstance (taking a hit)
its understandable that as a mechanic it can be great trick/duke, at the right time can be amazing. yet what we have in this game is a weapon class’s / weight classes meta desire the most with the most and then you balance accordingly. literally handing out CC"s as the main mechanic for balancing combat. cc’s are the dumbest mechanic in any player to player game.
like a 2004 cheap shot… and the sense of reward for beating on a player who’s unable to control his character is lack luster… no merit can be offered.

combat has become (desync aside) a spam fest, spells,particles,effects,zerg brrrrrrrrraindead o, everyone wants a musket/bow secondary, or your the other 50% of players with an in and out runaway/ poke exploit dodge or evade / movement mechanics playestyle, then there’s the ever constant pinnacle of epeen, the class where you blink and you’re dead 1-2 hit deleted by a hammer dressed as an anvil… despite the fact that you were also locked you down so you couldn’t move just made it that much more easy for them (didnt need it but still had to) … pinball is more exciting than this…

you need to tone down the combat, fights need to last longer.
combat needs to be more engaging and skill based where evasion is a mechanical skill not a button. cc’s shouldn’t offer a chance to erase a players HP pool, (think about it, your feet are glued to the ground but you’re expected to fight, in a real scenario the rest of your skillset cant change this, the defensive nature of yourself would be increased because you have no other choice but to make the most of what you do have…a rain of arrows, you would turtle yourself would yo not? a guy swinging a blade at you, you’d style bend that shit…)

I dont like the idea of a CC immunity because then everyone just watched icons waiting to stun you again… what do you think can be done to tone down the goto mechanic being one of crowd control, first to disable wins…???
funny usually isn’t a crowd.

why cant we have cc’s that are few and far between, that weapon sets are known for.
a great axe should only have a stagger, knock down or knock back… same with a hammer.
a great sword should have a stagger at most. same with sword.
a shield should stun/stagger, bows should snare/slow/root , muskets (not trapping) shouldn’t have any cc’s. mages shouldn’t have many cc, maybe a slow from ice, and a knockback from incinerate, scream should petrify (stun) but the way the animation is more suited for a knock back, not a root, it would be better if scream turned a player to stone (stun) but cant take physical dmg… healers shouldn’t have any cc’s, blunderbuss should only have a knock down/back, maybe net snare…

Other than Getting “GEAR” what else is there in new world.
the fun challenges of the expeditions and open world is amazing but after that.
you notice your just getting gear, and when u want to pvp. you need gear.
so much focus has been put on “gear” that thats all we focus on now in this game.
its 1 dimensional. once you peel back the “gear + gear score layer” you realise. its just all of the above.

Im open to any constructive criticism, i’ll happly debate/reply/argue with anyone with something constructive to say. but will gladly ignore bait traders, flamers, derogatory antics, fax machines and copy paste retorts…

keep it creative and constructive.

what say you… am i far off ? or nailed it?


How would you kill a healer without cc?

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so are you complaining about CC’s or what? Because CC is a major aspect of every MMORPG PvP game


CC is literally a pivotal ability in many games, not just MMO RPGS, but FPS, MOBAs, Co-op games, etc.

I have no idea why you don’t like the idea of CC immunity system when it’s literally there to punish CC spam, one of the biggest issues in Wars at the moment (besides desync issues). Smart people will obviously wait to stun you again, that’s the entire point of CC cycling, is to ensure they don’t pop it off. Kind of hard to do that in pub group fights, since people will just spam nilly will, and suddenly bam, you’re free to go and they look like a complete buffoon.

Now I do think placing CCs on weapons sort of helps the situation, because in other MMO RPGS with a class system, it’s usually correlated to the Tank of the group. They trade damage for survivability and peeling, a massive, important tool in group combat, both PvE and PvP. Their stuns are also legit stuns, not sleep spells like we have in NW, which means getting tangled with a Tank in group combat can get pretty scary if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Usually Bruisers are flankers or people who have slows to help them engage stragglers or folks trying to escape and thus force to duel a bit before they utilize their own escape tools.

Mages are for AoE nuking and slows.

CC is needed so mele can catch up range builds. But there is so many different mechanic that are not connected together that whole combat system seems like a mess of random ideas.

Imho whole combat would be better with longer time to kill, longer but weaker ccs - like slows - and dodge more mechanical as you said that jsut a button.

Also healing has to be reworked. Ls:1 side of tree aoe - weaker healing for new players, Other side manual targeted single player strong heals.

By dmg, you not supose to kill 1 v1 good healer

You already made this thread but I’ll reply anyway. You can Iframe literally everything in this game. And if you really hate getting CCd just run 5 freedom on your builds. You can even throw a hatchet in there too. Problem solved

still doesnt solve the fact that the cheese fest is literally grit clicking left mouse and even hit u facing the other way, dodge roll not far enough, hit within 1.5 sec with the 1st hit. staggered, cannot run. 2nd hit of the light attack chain = doom. he keeps sipping his cola stuffing pretzels in his face, cheese bread and rugby!!! wohooo. much skill. many award, so merit!
then you give these clowns a mass aoe trap and a flying carpet to boot. wohoo! well done.

you stood on the wrong tile. deleted.
ha. the game is over in 1 second of combat. and you’re expected to respawn and run 2-400 m in opr , or beter still arena, sit on the sideline in , wait for queue and 90second warmup. so u can do it again. everyone starts, hides pillar, oh nuked by double shot abuser musket. oh nuked by double fireball +exploding shot. or just a charging left click pretzel eater. just for that 1 second of “oh i hit a player this one time” . (if it does hit with all the desync)


What Warhammer hurt you? Have you tried pressing shift to dodge?

no. no i have not =)