Pvp content is boring and dry

can we get some type of pvp rewards system? outpost rush is insanely boring and takes way to long for very little in reward, bringing in 2 more pvp battle modes and 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 arena’s with a good rewards ranking system, would make this game explode in activity and actually keep players around and playing, paying thousands of gold to run the same dungeon over and over and over, just dont sit right with me.


pvp is its own reward, why do pvpers always need free handouts.


lol? not to much fun in killing people for no reason what so ever when half the time its people who have no clue what they are doing, no one ever said anything about FREE handouts hence the word “ranking system” clown


sounds like free handouts to me. i dont get gold or items for pvping people in CSGO. i do it to win the game. if you dont enjoy pvp for the sake of it maybe you should play another game

i see your first instinct is to insult though, so i guess youre the real clown.

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what is free if you’re fighting other ranked players and it takes skill to win? and this isnt CSGO (a game with 1 purpose) lmfao i wouldnt take “asking for free handouts” as a compliment, seems like that was your first instinct to insult pvper’s :confused:


why are people who have no idea what they’re doing flagging?

no idea LOL

Hopefully something is coming, OPR is just a free for all, (Although I do enjoy it in small doses).


there’s nothing left, everyone is sitting in full absorption perk stacked gear, weapons are nerfed and spongey. Game isn’t fun.


I agree it’s no fun, killing chest runners isn’t fun. Sadly, that’s all the wpvp that is left.


yeah, they just need to make it feel like its worth the players time, while getting that little dose of satisfaction is nice from killing someone its kind of pointless in this stage of the game right now

to the OP, quit yer whinin’ … At least your content isn’t locked behind time gates and tuning orbs…

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This game is still in alpha… no pvp content and not reasons to release it. i can’t understand why Amazon failed so much…

Then why do it?

Instanced low scale pvp is the most boring one. Better improve open world pvp ~o~

Well thats wrong, youre getting a reward, youre getting a rank, if you get better you get a better rank (LE, LEM and so on) thats the Reward, youre playing the Game to get a higher rank. If you want to go further tha GE you go to Face It and grind till Rank 10. If you are able to go further youre participate in small leagues… Thats the reward of CS.


I would like to see something like random loot drops on the map. Kinda like rust has Chinook crates that drop on the map. Have it contain legendary mats or gear and the only way to collect it is if you’re flagged. That would cool imo but it would definitely get abused by large company zergs

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I don’t think that many people will play the arena. Even less than OPR. It will just be an endless queue. The time is better spent on the main game mode, which every single person plays, not a game mode that 5% of people will play.

No. You just make them region wide. East Coast ques with all of East Coast etc. Problem solved.

Where is pvp content, almost end of jan,