PVP Content is poor

Hey everyone,

I just wanna put some feedback and thoughts down here.
I think I can say for every PVP Player it is obvious, New World is heavy based on PVP and grind. But right now there is just a small content that fits the needs for me, as a PVP Player. And I had a few hours to think about what could happen, to solve this problem.

The first thought i had was: “Hey let’s add some PVP only zones, where the players are autoflagged”, i read some nice topics about it, and for sure i would love this idea, it won’t happen, sadly, but i am fine with that decision AGS made. They want to provide fair PVP and when you have a thought about it, it sounds nice. But what’s fair right now? Is the city war fair? maybe it’s fair in the amount of players. I think when the fort is fully upgraded and the attackers are investing 15k gold for the best opportunity, it’s still very hard to gain control over the points. TBH I don’t know why the defenders have a respawn right next to the points and can even shop at those points. Seems unfair for me. Here the defenders have a massive advantage in my opinion. They should definitely have an advantage but not that much.

Are the open world pvp quest fair? Well, everyone can do it. But in the end, if u cannot find enough people to defend x amount of enemy you just have to yolo or do nothing. Same goes for defending or attacking the fort. Maybe the controlled faction should gain a bigger buff as it is right now, that it is mandatory to hold the fort. Maybe but maybe there should be a specific time when the fort is attackable like in the prime time.

And right now to run those PVP quests without any pvp content from the enemy is really exhausting and not fun at all. Yeah if you declare war then you could have this “fair pvp” but the way towards it is more than not worth.

Maybe we should have some nice PVP Events where a world boss spawns and you fight to get the rewards of the boss.
Maybe the rewards for pvp players should be increased or something like that.

I would love to discuss the topic in the comments :slight_smile:

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