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Right… How am I supposed to read the rest of your post when you have this clueless take within the first paragraph?

Tell me which word or sentence you don’t understand. I will help.

yes his spelling is shit but t think you understand what he trying to say.

Can anyone correct sentence/sentences to bacame more understandable?

Probably has something to do with balatantly lying about how the engine can handle 50v50 when it is a lagfest even in 20v20 OPR.

People who only like PvP should have a way to gear up and scale through pvp content, like in almost all mmo ( 2vs2, 3vs3, even 5vs5, and OPR ), with a leaderboard to let you scale your gear based on your rank, anyways, they have to fix desync and latency first to have a good pvp experience.

Its funny how the game is most likely PvP, taking into consideration that in order to obtain a territory (one of the most important things of the end game), or capture forts to obtain their benefits, you have to do PvP, but at the same time, it is the most abandoned part of the game.

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It wasn’t about the spelling. He’s disagreeing with you in regards to the 50v50s. Other than that you have a point about everything else.

Besides new weapons (which is content for both pvp and pve) there hasn’t been any significant pvp content addition since OPR and fort contest, both added back during the alpha.

PvP focused players currently have to grind pve activities to upgrade/acquire gear.

Gypsum has barely any legit options for someone that does not enjoy pve.

Umbral Shards will favor those who enjoy instanced dungeons.

Good ideas with the content dude. I bet if I search the forums I would find several dozen similar posts. We’ve been voicing that for a while now.

I’m sure they could implement things of the sort if they wanted to. Just don’t seem to be their focus right now. So it sucks for us that are not into grinding dungeons.

was my thoughts on how PvP should be ran… or at least a form of it…
DAoC had a never ending- ongoing PvP content that never saw a day off with plentiful benefits.

This is a pvp game? Really?

I dont want to bring NW down, but i think in a pvp based game, you would be able to choose your style, weapons and stuff.
Here you are literally forced to do the meta stuff, and everything else is just a garbage, because things are just unbalanced af.
How is that?

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I’m currently running spear/great axe and often top opr and perform in wars. Sure it sucks against mages and ranged but I’m not built for them. There is always a combo to hurt the strongest of metas. If you want you can run musket rapier and destroy a vg/ice user <3

I believe last desync/lags are connected to not restarting servers. We will see today if anything changed.
About balance Im playing medium GA/WH, Bow/spear, light Spear/rapier. I’m not playing IG/VG and usually besides healers Im on top. Two skills for me are bit overpower, Scream and ice wall (whraever it s called) cause of unable to dodge for to long

pvp is very boring now, nothing but AOE CC and Heals

AGS has no interest in improving the PVP because people who notice faults here are very few. I also understand that there are other more important problems to solve in general, Bugs, bots, imbalance, etc.

The only thing I ask of AGS is that they finally make some adjustments to the faction quest since they are useless, nobody does them, 100 hours playing only PVP since October and I never ran into anyone doing the quest to collect flint (gone now). Or to move the briefcase. It felt extremely strange doing a “defend the sector” quest and no one ever showing up.

OP’s post is one of those delusional-because-of-too-much-copium white knight posts.
What PvP is really like in New World:

If AGS can’t or won’t ban cheaters and exploiters, they should just delete PvP.
Every PvP-related game mode has been a farce since launch because of them.

Some ideas that can encourage PvP in New World:

  • Red Zones: areas or entire territories where PvP is automatically turned on. These zones have great rewards, with great loot from mobs, chests, resources and even World Bosses.

  • World Bosses: WHY DOES A MMORPG NOT HAVE A WORLD BOSS? World Bosses are the most basic and classic source of progression in an MMORPG! Endgame item drops, endgame resources to craft wonderful equipment. WHY DON’T WE HAVE IT? Some World Bosses must be played via PvP. They must stay in Red Zones, where PvP is automatically turned on. Having the best gear in the game will require you to be the best.

  • Faction system rework: there is no unity within factions. There is no limitation between factions. Only members of a faction should be allowed to use their city’s resources (crafting and refining tables, for example). Factions need to be reworked to make the competition between them more fierce and interesting. This will encourage members of one faction to band together and engage in improving and fighting the other factions = PvP.

  • Companies rework: this is the first time I’ve seen an MMORPG with so little information within the guild UI. I don’t know who deposited gold, who withdrew it, when someone joined the guild, when someone left. THERE IS NO GUILD WAREHOUSE! How am I going to manage a guild if I don’t have the basics? New World players are amazing because they can do so much with so little…

  • Rework on the Declaration of War: the new quests were good, they gave a certain direction to the combat between the factions, but it’s not enough. It’s just terrible to have to keep repeating the same quests for 1 hour OR MORE (depends on the number of players) in order to declare war on a territory.

  • Caravan System: all cities have a wagon where members of the faction that owns the territory can collect materials daily. Why are these wagons not active in open world? These wagons should roam the open world delivering these resources and members of the other factions should be able to destroy them and restore the city’s supply of supplies and, consequently, the amount of gold generated by the city. Imagine the amount of PvP Open World would generate if Windsward and Everfall had to defend their wagons so that they profit what they profit today!

  • New wars: other war models need to be implemented in the game. Wars with other structures, where defense and offense have the same chance of victory. A war where the winner will be dominant on the entire island of Aeternum and the profits will be gigantic. All territories will pay fees to that ruling guild and once a week a war is held to decide who will be the new king of Aeternum, or whether to remain in it.

  • Arenas: Arenas should be a source of progression as well as expeditions. The player must be able to select an expedition progression tab within the arena. Upon entering the arena he chooses whether to progress Genesis, Lazarus or Dynasty. According to his score in the arena he will gain an amount of EXP that will increase one bar of the chosen expedition. Upon reaching certain points of this bar he will gain chests, gold, azoth and supplies related to that expedition. A player with a high progression in an expedition within the Arena will be able to acquire the same items as players who perform a run of the expedition itself. Equipment for an expedition can be acquired through arenas.

I won’t go into too much detail, but I could still suggest several changes and improvements for the game in the PvP sense: arena rank, PvP world rank, battleground with other amounts, new Siege maps, new OPR maps.

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Oh, so this are the exploits you cry so much about, yeah those are bugs and indeed need fix, but this doesn’t break the whole PVP system as you claim, this doesn’t give him any super adventage in a real fight. I thought you were referring to exploits that made players immortal or gave them super strength or the ability to teleport in the middle of a fight. Something that really ruins a 1 vs 1. I’ve played too many hours in PVP to tell you from experience that this is not a problem in a FIGHT.

There are many other exploits in farming that actually give players a financial advantage, that is much worse. Like farming bots that is a PVE exploit

There’s also Several Combat Exploits right now. I’m surprised you havnt mentioned those, only mentioning Bots, which ofc. is a Problem, but doesnt make Combat exploiting any better.

Those Exploits, which we have on a regular Base are Used by so many people, that you could call IT the PVP Meta, because it is.

Nobody is afraid using Combat exploits because Nobody has ever been Banned for it.

Fair Players are leaving the Game every day, because this Kills all the fun for any Kind of PVP Content.

Doesnt Matter If they add Arenas, doesnt Matter If they somehow make this Game the best balanced PVP Game in the World.

When Exploits are Meta and Not punished only Exploiters will play PVP soon.

True, there is no point improving it any more. Anyone who has interest in PvP is long gone from the game. They should just focus on the PvE and make it into a proper Themepark MMORPG.

Last bells passed. Ark came and lot of players gone to that crap but they will realize soon that it is not best game. Just new game with more farming.

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