PVP Damage Calculator for Outpost Rush

So I play a ton of outpost rush and sign up hours on in for this so have a ton of OPR experience.
The issue so for starters my build I have full Voidbent armor and a legendry Hammer and Axe both at strength 30 my attributes are 300 con 250 strength. So here is the problem when playing other players with medium or light armor or even heavy at times the damage output is so weak to them that its extremely hard or not possible to kill them even when they are bye them selves with no heals. This is extremely frustrating because there damage to me for example is sometimes 4 shots to kill me because the damage modifier is so great if you wear light and medium armor. I also noticed other heavy builds doing damage as well so what is the reasoning for this New World if you read this please look into how a heavy build takes damage for lighter gear players and how damage is dealt back to them. I know u wanted a even playing field however that’s not the case with this nerf. Just so u know most light players are using muskets or bow ect so they are ranged so the damage for them is so great u cant even get close

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