PVP Damage Scaling

How does damage scaling work in this game? I’m trying to understand why I do little to no damage in OPR. I’m running a bow build with 384 dex - glass cannon. I’ve seen other bow users do big damage but I’m not sure other then the fact that I only have 524 GSC right now and my HWM is low.

But I’ve headshot people after a dodge roll for sub 2k damage and I’ve landed riposte into a backstab heavy crit and it barely moves their HP bar. Is it because of the Gear Score different? the HWM Difference?

Whats the point of being a glass cannon if theres no cannon and you’re just glass…

Have you tried turning it off & back on again? :thinking:

Gear score mostly doesn’t matter in PVP, because armor rating is not part of the PVP damage calculation (but armor weight). You want to get a good high GS weapon with enchanted, and then armor with good perks (faction armor with resilience will get you into the top 10% gear wise).

Much more important than gear is buff stacking. Stacking and timing of your skills together with empower, rend, weaken, fortify etc. has a much bigger impact than any gear mechanics.

That’s why especially in group fights you will see your damage all over the map, because everyone brings a dozen of buffs & debuffs to the fight. If somebody happens to have 40% fortify stacked when you do your uber-skill shot, then your damage goes poof even on light armor targets.

Armor mitigation will change with 1.2 so let’s see what happens. But if you play bow you gotta be light/medium, because in the majority of meaningful encounters there will be meat shields taking the damage for you.

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