Pvp dind´t exist, this game need a serious revamp of PvP features and mechanics

The fact is that i Log ON and what can i do if i want PvP? kill some people in OutWorld PvP is Bored… Bored first of all cause luck bonus is so insignificant and usually no one go with PvP on… and second is not rewarding… if i kill some one or some one kill me… i dont win or lose nothing… is like… kill a bot, i dont see an impact in the game to make me feel PvP matters, feels like a waste of time. A lot of time finding some one to PvP for 2 minutes of “fun” than dont make Aethereum change in nothing.

Also PvP Quest, why they put PvP quest? what is the meaning of those PvP Quest? some one can explain me? What is the impact of make those quest? what is the reward? what is the meaning?

PvP right now is a placeholder , is like an empty bottle that lack the esence. I post in other place lot of features that they can make to change that situation, but the truth is we dont know absolute nothing , no road map, not anounce features .

The new PvP quest revamp is pathetic useless mechanic and bored and the luck bonus is a try hard of enable some rewardless PvP outworld that have 0 impact in to the players and in to the world.

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Pvp quests are used to gain influence in a town so a faction can go to war with that town if they so choose

Ow man! you could let this statement out. :pensive:
I placed a bet that would take a week to someone come complaining that the 30% bonus would not reach the desired effect. And now I lost because not even a week has passed :sob:

first of all PvP quest is not the only way to take influence… a fatal error. Second one find players doing those PvP quest of enemy faction is nearly imposible, so make the quest of kill people is nearly imposible.
Why u dont see people doing those quest? cause are rewardless, bored and useless

I was giving an example to your question and if you know the answer to your question then why are you asking the question in the first place??

Pvp quests can gain faction points to buy faction gear also but you probably already knew that too…??

You on a dead server??

Because my server there is lots of pvp going on and trying to sneak back in to town without getting killed is pretty difficult sometimes but fun at the same time because it becomes a mission all its own especially if the faction your trying to over throw knows what is going on and they are trying to hold their fort.

I do agree though that there could be more pvp opportunities and/or more rewards then what there currently is for successfully completing pvp tasks especially when you are lower level and run into somebody at lvl 60 for example but that just makes it much sweeter when you sneak by them under there nose and complete the task

you know the meaning of irony? PvP quest must have a real impact/reward and follow the most importal rule Risk vs Reward. Right know the reward is… PvP faction useless gear? Is bad implemented, bad designed and a bored feature. Amazon pls Fix PvP mechanics, Features and content

I do agree, gear could be much better

All they need to do is give a 30% bonus to all gathering and the crafters will flag up and pvp. It’s foolproof!

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