PvP exp and how you earn it

It can t be possible earn tons of pvp exp by only running great cleve, 5 min runs 1000 exp, running 3v3 if you win 750 exp if you lose 250, opr pretty useless cause 40min and idk how much exp u get, im sayin it s ok earning exp from pvp quest, but it s not good earning less xp by doing the real pvp content, hope this will be fixed soon cause make no sense, i think unshould run for:
3v3 if u win 1000xp, lose 500 xp
Opr if u win 1500xp lose 650xp
Quest pvp 350xp each


I agree with your argument. Faction missions should pay less rewards or maybr the middle between a loss and win reward of the actual pvp arena mode match.

Having options for content is nice but faction missions shouldnt be the fastest way. That will only hurt the queue of players we have for Arena’s.

I love that it takes anyone who plays and remotely understands the game like 2 minutes to come up with a better system than our highly paid professional developers.

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500 xp for loseing 3v3 seems a bit high if winning would get you 1000. If there has to be xp gained for loseing i would think it should be a lot lower, like maybe 100 xp tops.

Prevents people from throwing matches by not making it worth it but you still get something for your time spent and can keep progressing.

Do u really need a highly professional developer for judging this earning methods?U have to be the smartest one in the room everytime ah.

Anyway, that was only an opinion, i m fine if they give me more pvp exp by running opr and 3v3 than running pvp quest all day long, everything would be fine!

Well that was my opinion, they don t have to do it obv, but the real problem is earning more exp by running great cleave all day long instead of pvping

I gotcha, yeah the specific amounts are always up for debate i guess.

Hopefully well see some refinment in this new pvp content in the upcoming patches.

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