PVP experience as a light armor damage dealer

  1. Max mobility in the game, outran by groups abusing bloodlust bug.
  2. Lifestaff heavy armor joins the fight, no one dies.
  3. I evade gravity well, then touch the edge and have complete bug loss of my character for a solid 4 seconds.
  4. Lifestaffs outdamaging me.
  5. My firestaff ability is broken.
  6. Weapons are bugged cannot weapon swap, swaps to wrong skillset/weapon combo.
  7. Rapier riposte gets eaten by literally nothing.
  8. Riposte successfully, smack guy with no grit, doesn’t stun.
  9. Die in 3 hits from people fully spec’d into con/focus.
    Repeat 1-9.

Everyone else: Heavy armor greataxe lifestaff, 200k effective hitpoints, holding W, pressing gravity well.
Fun game atm


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