PVP faction quests. Always empty, not fun

From level 10 every time I wanted to do faction quests they were empty. I mean, I didn’t find anyone from any enemy faction.

PVP quests are supposed to be to face other players, right?

That quest “Defend this sector for x seconds” Defending it from what? Ghosts? I never met anyone, since I entered the game at the beginning of October, at that time there were many players and still all faction quest were always empty.

The enemy intelligence quest was also always empty, I never found anyone opening chests.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to study the reason why it is not necessary for people to do them and do the changes.

How about making them necessary for progress? That is, making them part of the main quests.


Another force-players-to-pvp post.

Even so-called PvPers DO NOT WANT to PvP.
While you were looking for PvP action they were farming bears and elite zone mobs for chests. Doing everything EXCEPT PvP to level up.

Now they use exploits to prevent Wars from taking away their RMT coin-farm Settlements and instead just do Outpost Rush.
Which they first tried to farm by simply being AFK.
Now even that isn’t popping because it’s just a farce with so many cheaters and exploiters.

PvP is not popular and not fun. Forcing it on players won’t make it any more fun.

The truth is, real PvP – competitive exciting encounters – was something only an insignificant minority wanted.
So-called PvPers just want cheats, exploits, and easy wins.

Then PvPers like you cry for incentives like Luck bonus for being flagged. How’s that working out? It’s obviously not working @Lane.
Because incentives just encourage exploitation by people who STILL DO NOT WANT PvP. While you’re standing around like a chump waiting for action doing your Faction quest, flagged players are off harvesting valuable materials and NOT PvP-ing.


As a PVP player all I wanted was to use the nice combat system they created against someone real instead of a zombie, a crab or a pig. I wanted to test my build, my skills. You don’t need the better combat system in all MMO to kill mobs. Where is the challange in that? Killing mobs is not more hard that cut down trees.

Incentives for PVP are not there for PVPers It’s to convince PVErs like you to play more competitively, give them a real challenge. PVP players do not need any advantage to always activate the flag.

Let me tell you something. A full PVE oriented MMO like this is such an easy game that you go from 0 to 60 in 10 days, then get bored because there is no more content and walk away. If the game is dying it’s NOT due to a lack of mobs, dungeons or stones to chop, it’s due to a lack of challenges. Challanges like pvp can offer.

your whole answer is pretty much forcing PVP players to only play PVE when the NW team has always said they want to seek balance.

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