PVP Fix Sugestions

The fundamental world design of new world has killed low level world PVP.

Nobody is flagging for PVP at lower levels

  1. Having zones with huge level ranges, and level 25+activities on top of level 9 landmarks has resulted in nobody flagging for PVP because of the ganking. Level 30+ players often are roaming in level 1-25 zones doing PVE activity, and on the side, ganking any low level players

  2. Having zones with increased crafting activity has made high level players stick around for a long time, resulting in high level players constantly ganking. Trying to level your logging now that you’re 30? time to go to First light, and murder everyone along the way.

  3. Having all factions sitting on top of eachother has further encouraged this issue. Instead of having low level zones from each faction in different areas naturally progress and cross eachother, everyone is on top of eachother, resulting in constant griefing.

The fix:

  1. Push factions apart, have zone progressions be smaller across the maps, - The goal is to get level 10’s playing with level 10’s, and level 20’s playing with level 20’s, etc. right now, they are ALL spread out all over the place, resulting in a mess for level based world PVP. Overall - the game needs to be shifted around so the playing board simply results in people playing the game with people of their own level

  2. Push Lower levels together, naturally based on location on the map. Include world defenses, and actively encourage PVP for players around your level, and discourage for ganking signficantly lower levels. I understand groups can take on higher players - I’m not saying prevent level 35s from fighting level 15s - I’m saying make it so there’s enough 15’s of the same faction actually around eachother to take someone on.

  3. Push everyone to start in the same zones, and make those zones naturally lower level zones.

These would be relatively easier changes in the scheme of things that would result in solving the issues - You need to create interactions at lower levels naturally, and avoid the interactions at big level gaps.

I also think you should create PVP specific servers - Because of the very small server size- you should allow there to be various rulesets for players with specific playstyles. I understand many PVE-focused players don’t want to be forced into PVP. That’s fine. But many want to have a PVPVE leveling experience. Right now, that experience is severely lacking.

this is resulting in PVP being pushed to the end of the game after a lengthy grind. Which, in effect, means the game is a PVE game with an endgame PVP. There are much much much better PVE games out there with serviceable PVP - such as GW2. In order to stay relevant, this game needs to make some serious structural design changes in order to provide a world PVP experience, or it will simply result in being “instanced” in that nobody will continue to flag for PVP in the world.

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