PVP Flagged Gathering

Even if it is early access it’s identity and genre is decided.

My point was in Alpha and Beta for most games the game isn’t widely available to the public. Your under NDA for a reason, because anything quite literally can change about the game. In this case a lot changed. What went live when the game was purchasable that’s the genre and the game. Like it, love it, hate it. It isn’t going to revert to a game from an entirely different genre that it might of been in Alpha or Beta.

Survival PVP <> PvX MMORPG.

The developers already made that decisions and now we live in it.

If they want to go back to a Survival PVP game the most logical business decision would actually be to rebrand and launch a new title in that genre using what they learned here and stealing assets as they feel appropriate to kick that off. They aren’t going to dramatically shift the design vision or genre of the game this late in the game’s life cycle.

It’s been made very clear the ship is steering away from the hardcore PVP experience that the vocal PVPers on the forums want or loved.

This is a misrepresentation. They said it wasn’t the right time for it, not that the increase itself was a bad idea. We will see more increases and we will see more whining when it happens but we won’t stay at 60 and 625 for much longer I would imagine. Even since that video was released we have data mining showing new increases to GS and Level that made their way into the live data.

It might not be this year but it is on the horizon in the next year I would bet my pay check on it.

But none of that addresses combat.

These are not PvP and sandbox and hardcore vs casual issues.

This is the state of combat and what’s considered balanced.

And that’s precisely what was said:

It maters immensely in how you approach balance and what the vision for balance is based on the game genre and combat system.

A role based system isn’t meant to be balanced head to head but team vs team. So PVP balance will never function on a strictly 1v1 system which is what most PVP players from Moba want.

That’s incredibly hard to balance when there are no classes, no defined roles for weapons, and no weapon synergies to encourage pairing intended weapons together.

MOBAs are team-based games. No one expects them to be balanced 1v1.

They are, however, far more skill-based.

It’s not though, especially when you put more emphasis on the core combat mechanics rather than attempting to balance each weapon individually.

AGS is currently trying to balance each aspect individually instead of creating a coherent system to start with. Next month’s dodge changes mirror this.

So, because people could use content to do something against the rules, the content shouldn’t be added?


Easier solution would be for AGS to finallly acknowledge RMT is severely running rampant, and actually start banning buyers and sellers.

Not adding content to avoid RMT, may as well delete every MMO in existence.

Gathering is infuriating… all these unflagged ppl coming in and yoinking resources right in front of you.

I hate it.

Give us pvp servers please. I’d rather get chain ganked by a 500 man streamer company than to watch another PvE’er come and take my Ori

MOBAs may be team oriented but you can plug an play literally any character into any of the team slots and it functionally can work. That is a lot different than a design where you expect the team to be composed of one healer, one tank, and three DPS which is how most MMORPGs function with few exceptions. What allows that to work is that the MOBAs are balanced individually with kit specific strengths and weaknesses.

In a role bases system you kind of can do the same thing.

In a game with no actual classes you can’t. Any ability interacts with every single other ability. You have a ripple effect you simply don’t have with pre balanced kits where for the most part you can elect to take whatever you want into combat as your team.

That’s an explicitly PvE concept and I think New World’s PvE sort of follows that, though the PvE is so easy that there is a lot of wiggle room.

That also has no bearing on the simple combat changes that would drastically alter PvP with little to know impact on most PvE. Instanced PvE least of all.

I’m pretty sure nerfing heavy armor and medium had a dramatic affect on instanced PVE. Let me check. Yup, forced a lot of people to completely rebuild their entire armor set with no compensation at all.

The reality is where PVP and PVE coexist both negatively impact the other in someone’s contextual opinion. The two can not co-exist in harmony without infighting. The only real answer is to choose a favorite child and be done with it. Then everyone knows where they stand and can know their place. I’m not advocating one or the other… just pick one and formalize that and move forward.

What’s that have to do with what I’m saying?

(Btw heavy and medium are still perfectly fine in PvE).

If anything that reinforces my point.

AGS is trying to balance PvP and PvE through numbers and spot fixes. Aka bandaids.

I want to revert a core system change that has no impact on those things you speak of.

You’re thinking of these things from a themepark mainstream tab target mmo perspective and not an action combat game. The answer is there, I just don’t think you’re familiar with the concepts.

I don’t want pvp activated even if they put 400000% while I’m collecting, if I’m collecting I’m collecting not doing pvp. The idea of mixing both ideas to be able to kill people who are gleaning seems to me an absurd decision to feed the ego of the one who wants to kill.

What about the ego of the player that sees 3 people standing at every resource node?