PvP flagged zones and Bot hunting parties

What if there was an area designated as flagged faction PvP with tons of useful/valuable resource nodes. The second you step into it, you flag for faction PvP with a 5 minute cooldown? During this time, you cannot fast travel and if another faction kills you, they can loot your resource items (iron ore, logs, etc) but not loot your gear.

This would do a few things:

  1. Reduce the effectiveness of bot farmed resources as there would be an alternative way to gather without having to compete with bots.

  2. This would introduce a fun and competitive way to spice up open world PvP.

  3. This could allow “Bot Farming” parties. Imagine if bots decided to attempt to go into this area due to pressure of being unable to compete with actual players now. With a 5 minute cooldown and having no option for fast travel, parties could hunt the bots down for resources and thereby stop them from being effective at selling items on the market to fund themselves for gold selling with a self-policing option such as this.

Heck, there could even be faction bonuses to amounts of resources gathered and/or drops from mobs within this area based upon who owns the Fort in the area to spice up World PvP interest even more and ensure people are always around in the area to spot and eliminate bots in-between PvP battles.

I like the idea of a pvp-only zone but only if:

a) there’s a buffer or clear border (like a wall with designated gates) to make it so you can’t accidentally wander into this zone while pve.

b) there is absolutely no benefit/advantage to going into that zone when it comes to gathering nodes.

PVP salt exists. A PVP-exclusive reward track exists using that currency, and there are crafting mods that are pvp-exclusive for crafting pvp-specific gear.
Being flagged for open-world PVP also already gives a 30% bonus on gathering as it is.

Putting any sort of resource nodes (besides maybe T1 trees/boulders/bushes/reeds) into a PVP-only zone that have any use outside of PVP-specific crafting would tilt that advantage in gathering just a bit too far.