Pvp gathering luck is too much- prices are dropping

150 scarhide and 150 smolderhide in 80 minutes of farming boars is a bit much. I only have the 500-ish gs skinner set and 3 minor trophies, an ami plus food.

I enjoy the pvp luck buffs but I don’t think legendary mats should drop that often. Many things are already crashing in the AH in terms of prices.


Alot of it has to do with the central AHs.

Prices have been going crazy on all items since the patch, up and down.

They should disable the Gathering Gear Bonus’s in PvP. Not nerf the Flag bonus.


I don’t think they should touch the luck bonus. The solution imo is to decrease the drop rates of some selected items.

It depends how much they want to cater towards pvp farming though

Better way - just put all players permanently flagged for pvp without a chance to avoid it :wink:

And of course - nerf a healers a little more … coz they still play in this game.


That solution (although I like it) would destroy the game overnight lol

Our server the map is all purple.
Yellow companies bailed, green has about 3 players left.
Everyone is PvP flagged and farming because there are no other enemies, prices on economy is super low .

Bring in some set faction towns or just give some PvE servers
I get no bonuses because my faction has no towns, cant join the big faction because they are " winning "
Sadly this will be the death of the server unless the PvP ego maniacs switch sides and even out the townships.
Bad mechanics giving too much control and power to children… Lord of the Flies anyone?


It is a game.

Don’t take so seriously. Apart from that agree that it can be a problem

No one likes to lose. If the odds are stacked against them they will bail.
Hence why my server is the way it is.
You can not give political governance to children, that is just a recipe for disaster.
How to PvP when there are no opposition on the server? = dead game, dead server, dead economy

This has less to do with pvp luck bonus and more with the game dying and the shitty faction system.


The game is stable at 200k for 2 weeks.
It’s far from dying. It will stabilise in 100-150 k which will be OK after the merges…

It’s definitely dying, I didn’t say it was dead.
It lost 50k players since last sunday peak. Dying is a trend, and that’s what it’s doing. It’s not dead yet though I would agree.

People are playing less, logging in less.
End game you can hit walls, epic quests bugged, etc
People hang back waiting for fixes
Also some servers are totally borked , low pop, broken economies, one colour maps etc
People are waiting for merges

Yeah, they NEED to nerf the boar camp even more… Its absurd atm… Scarhide and Smolderhide are down to 14 coins each…
From 35 coins before the pvp flagging luck patch… ^^

As a DEX player I cry… :smiley: CON and STR already have the better perks for earning money and now the skinning bonus gets even more useless… :frowning:

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Prices are dropping because of connected markets.

Last time I looked there isn’t a single weapon in the game on my server going for over 15g outside of near BiS roll 590+ items with like, crit chance, crit damage on them.

Frigg’n 580 roll hatchets going for 6g a piece with good stat rolls on them, stonecutter gear for 4g each.


9 and 10g on midgard: D

For weapons thats true. For mats is the pvp flaging 100%

I think that’s jumping to conclusions.

There’s a lot going on right now with this game that could contribute to a market crash, not just the PvP luck % bonus.

These aren’t weapons, for example.

Do you really think the PVP environment will improve with the PVP luck bonus? - there are no battles except for Reek and Myrk, in other areas players will not fight when they collect and mine each other when they have PVP enabled. PVE players are not human??

Prices for legendary FARMABLE drops are reducing not because they are dropping significantly more (That drop rate was similar before), but because there are people farming it now.

It use to be people only farmed legendary mats when they needed them or when there wasn’t much else to do. Why would you farm legendary mats when there are chests to farm.

But now, a max skinning lvl 60’s best use of time is farming mats for 10g a pop. Wars are powerpoint on a win 95 286 simulator, OPR is back to who can exploit more (when half the people are not bugged so they can only jump move or stuck in another slide show), etc etc etc.

The problem is, what else are people going to do?

Even you are complaining about the price, rather than celebrating while you do something else that still nets the same profit. After all if there were still a better use of your time the falling prices would only benefit you.


Why is those things costing less a problem? With the RNG nature of crafting you need hundreds of attempts to get good pieces. The way it was costed before was terrible. I like the cheap materials.