PvP gear scalling added to ptr with newest patch?

New PTR patch note: PvP arenas and Outpost rush will indicate that they have gear score scalling. Does that mean that we finally get normalized gear in instanced pvp? Sounda great to me, this way this content will be used by ALL player base, low level and maxed ones, and not only at lv60 600gs+. Open world pvp is not mentioned, which is fine but instanced pvp content was really needing a scalling system as no one was playing those modes until max level and geared which was a shame, more now that with new uptade new players are going to come.

But I am not sure this is really happening as it is only mentioned like that on the ptr notes, with no further explanation so I might be wrong?


I agree it is a good change and makes it easily accessible for new and returning players to hop in and level out the track. As long as wars stay without scaling because those matter a lot. I think it’ll be a step in the right direction, maybe add ranked arenas without scaling for those who still like that kind of gs advantage.


Yea, I think wars should stay as they are. I can also understand the arguments that some people give to have no pvp gear scaling in open world pvp (though I also think it could get some adjustment as now a lv40 player is almost insta killed with one shot by a max level player). But it was always obvious to me that in instanced pvp gear and level should be normalized, and this is the main issue as why you did not find any match until level 60, a total waist of two cool pvp modes for a big majority of the playerbase (and a very cool feature for new players to experience pvp and have fun, having to wait weeks/months to get max level to get a match was unhealthy)


Yo but if they introduce scaling think of all the non-pvpers that it’ll upset.

It’ll be fantastic. Though tbh, I won’t hold my breath – we’ll see what happens.


what do you mean by non-pvp players being upseted hiere? I dont get it haha

A lot of New Worlders claim to be “PvPers” but hate the idea of fair fights. They just want to prey on players with less time /played.


All instantiated PvP content should be handled the same way. In fact, when someone is already marked for PvP, it should already work that way.

This is a man who gets it. I do hope they have normalized and not normalized game modes though. Granted, i think non-normalized will be crickets if thats the case. Would be good to see though!


If they normalize pvp there is zero reason for this game to be an MMO.

Just turn it into a moba.

The whole point of an mmo is about customization and progression of your character. After all that progression and time if you’re as strong as someone who plays 1 hour a week what’s the point of logging on to craft or do anything?

PVE isn’t challenging.


Yea, I dont see the problem to add a non normalized mode, maybe when they add the ranked arenas? more options = more people happy

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It should be because the game is fun for you.

Also, if you’re logging in more time than mr 1-hour per week, shouldn’t you be a better PLAYER?

Or are we still scared of skill-based combat around here?

Normalization realistically doesn’t account for perk differences which is where most of the power discrepancies come from. It just makes it less of a one-sided stomp stat-wise.


That is why you have Wars non normalized, the pvp end game. Or open world. Every game with good pvp and ranks, all have their instanced content normalized. So you are telling me you think it is healthy and good for the game to have their pvp instanced modes just being used by lv 60 maxed players? And not by new players, levelling players, lv 60 starting their gear score grind etc etc. Normalized pvp is a win for everyone, and having a pvp track with rewards usefull by a non maxed player, it makes even more sense to let them use and play instanced pvp if they want and not having to wait for weeks-months. This is a very good change from every perspective


“Added information to PvP Arenas and Outpost Rush to explain that they have Gear Score scaling.”

sounds to me like we already had PVP scaling, they just added the information in game

we have had pvp scaling in the game since launch

MMO = massively multiplayer online game.

Where in that does it say no stat balancing for pvp?

Infact, MMO’s like guild wars had pvp modes where everyone was level 20 with balanced gear.


It could be that. Sad :frowning:

You don’t need to normalize gear for someone with a lower GS and higher skill / better build to clap someone out.

I’m stating that you’re basically denying the point of an MMO. I would be open to the conversation if there was actually progression in PVE such a as raids ect. But there isn’t.

Your suggestion defeats the purpose of the MMO and would effectively kill the game because people will have no motivation to log in and do anything after running a few OPRs and Arenas.

If you’re normalizing PVP why even have levels? Why even have quests? Why have anything if it isn’t to make your character stronger.

The current player base would get bored and the game would die our super faster. It’s known that some of these timegates create a healthy active player base. It’s a reason why games like FFXIV which is one of the most successful MMOs do this to keep people logging on and not zerginng through content.

They are able to normalize pvp which also isn’t very popular because there is other reasons to upgrade your character for challenging PVE content.

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No, I just don’t think you speak for everyone when you claim what the point of an MMO is.

Could, perhaps, you be wrong about how YOU define an MMO?


You realize I stated it would be basically be pointless unless they added challenging PVE content?

Guild wars works because they actually have an endgame. This game would be dead with no motivation and nothing to do until they get serious progressable content if your going to normalize pvp.

You are talkinh about ALL pvp. we are talking about instanced pvp. You still have open world and wars to make you log and farm and spend time. What is the problem then? You want two pvp modes with just 5% players using them?