PvP gear scalling added to ptr with newest patch?

If that is your only motivation, why would you keep playing once you max out your gear, if you don’t care for actual gameplay?


Having a gear based system is healthy. Sounds like you just want everything handed to you without ever working for it.

Many players love min maxing their builds to see how effective it is. It isn’t just about stomping on newbs in fact it’s actually quite boring when someone can put up a fight.

When you normalize pvp it will be 100% meta builds and start to destroy what little diversity this game has left because people then will absolutely only play the build that is effective and swap on a whim.

People are forcing their less than ideal builds to work because they’ve invested time and resources in to it already.

There has always been gear scaling, just not good scaling. It doesn’t seem like they’ve actually changed anything.

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#1. the game already was Meta dominated since the first month.
#2. Maybe then we would get real world data on what weapons need to be changed to allow for more balance?

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Players who are disparaged by the current system are going to get stomped on regardless. You’re not getting shit on by someone with more gear you’re just getting crushed by a better player and your using gear as an excuse to why you’re bad.

Also wars are instanced now and open world pvp is not relevant in any way.

I’d be open to that discussion if they had a pvp server but they don’t.

Why would you want that person left with the feeling that it COULD have been their armor instead of their skill? I’d rather feel like “man that guys better than me” over “man that guy has better stuff than me”


I can agree with your second thought.

However these changes would just destroy crafting and the economy. You would need a full overhaul to the games systems or you’ll have a dead game in no time.

Most people and almost everyone I personally talk to and know only care about gear when it comes to pvp. Otherwise it’s all just ward gear and pointless because PvE is a joke.

So what would be the point or crafting and gearing after normalizing pvp?

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So in my opinion, Gear score after 600 should just be for dungeons and mutations. I would like new world to have very difficult PVE where you need those extra few bonuses. However in PVP, I think everyone would be fine without those bonuses. You don’t need those bonuses because your’e fighting players of your same level, not a higher leveled bosses.

If they incentivize PVE more, it wouldn’t effect the crafting market, and besides you can’t craft past 600 so it really would change nothing


Sounds like you’re a scrub who can’t formulate a real argument so you attempt ad hominem.

Full 625 in PvP and PvE btw. I’ll upload some screen shots when I get home :kissing_heart:

I’m just not a coward like you. I want my opponents to be able to fend for themselves and not get steamrolled.

Also, based on your other comments, you don’t seem to understand how normalization works.


and if that guy is better than you just because of his gear you can out gear him and get ahead or adjust and tune your build and perks to overcome his.

If he’s better than you because of skill, well what then? You worship him? Because top sweats you’ll just never beat.

A casual isn’t beating a sweat regardless of normalized or not.
At least with a gear system people can dream.

Some of those top fps players with god like reaction times? What then?

Do we start a discussion on how it’s not fair if someone has a better internet connection or better pc?

Yep steamrolling is never fun or rewarding. I like to know I was better, not that I merely had better stuff. Maybe its the poor kid complex in me, but i’d rather be better because of me and not my items


Aster you have to realize that most people on forum bunch of casuals which wants everything to be easy,they dont even understand the basic of mmo’s.
If you want equalized pvp,there are a lot of games out there,u can choose moba or shooter game and have fun with it.
MMO’s are about progressing your char,which takes time and effort.Those people doesnt understand or dont like this part so they are trying to make it remove,i’ve seen casuals suggesting over and over again.

We have a gear based system.

I have 625 almost prefect perks on everything.

If someone has 500 gear score I’m going to completely smash them no contest.

If they get scaled up to my level, I’m still at a huge advantage due to perfected perks.

My advantage still reminds they aren’t just a free kill


How is wanting PVP to be more skill based, wanting it easy? Because we don’t all have 1000 hours to sink into a game before we want to enjoy it?


My man is forgetting that perks exist or something


Seriously! Acting like we all will be using the same weapon with the same damage output with the same armor

I mean gear will still have all its perks, so it’s not really normalized. Just the damage scaling will be affected. Gear will still play a big role.

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Not a coward at all. I just want something to work on because I like to spend time tweaking and min maxing and seeing the effects of my work.

I don’t like easy matches I prefer the challenge but I like understanding when I do lose there are things I can realistically work to adjust to overcome at a competitive level.

Your normalize pvp in a game like this it’s just a matter of rock paper scissors vs builds and why wouldn’t every single player use a rapier at that point?

Man theres so many perks and attributes you can mix and match, you’d be min maxing till your hearts content. That has nothing to do with scaling GS bonuses


its simple If I had time issues I would play moba rather than crying in a mmo game which is gear progression genre.