Pvp gives 0 umbral shards

Please change the umbral shard reward amount for arenas and OPR. It makes no sense that PvE players have 100s of thousands of umbral shards and multiple 625 builds while PvP players struggle to get even a single gear set to 625. This is assuming both the PvP and PvE player have a similar playtime. Dungeons also drop gear that can be sold for significant amounts of gold and at the very least salvaged for gold each run. Even if PvP rewarded the same amount of umbral shards as mutated dungeons (which it should), dungeons would still be the better option for players looking to find gear / make money.

Since AGS enjoys time-gating content— First two OPR wins of the day reward 3,000 umbrals, scaling down from here (standard reward 1,000 umbrals per win). Arenas can be handled similarly, perhaps using a smaller amount of umbrals since the instance is shorter than a mutated dungeon or OPR.

Please AGS it’s a simple change that will make players enjoy the game more.

a PvP player with 2k hours that is tired of being forced to PvE in order to remain competitive in PvP.


If PvP players are forced to do PvE content to get equipment, umbral shard should be obtained only for doing PvP content, it would be fair.


Yea this the main reason I stopped to play for now.
I logged in and wanted to try a diff build. But thinking about running Genesis again for the hundreds time just so I can “start enjoying” pvp is just a nogo for me at this point.

So yea, people on this forum are right. It’s not a pvp game and if I don’t like it I should just move on.
Sux cuz I really enjoy the game, but I’m so over running m10’s that I pretty much only logged in to checkout the skins at this point.
I’m out till they raise possibilities to gain shards from PvP.

But I suspect they won’t raise those before they enable cross server queues. Since the people who spam m10’s would be even smaller so even longer queues for muta runs.
Who knows when cross server will actually be a thing so I just gave up hoping.

And the last yt vid from them pretty much shows that the lead guy over there thinks getting a trophy is much much cooler than getting a 3 perk pvp item.
Just speaks for itself

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You do realize that PVE players actually NEED multiple sets of 625 gear to do the PVE content right? Where you only need 1 to PVP.


For only 1 combination of weapons and with only one type of armor.



You need a specific ward set of gear for each expedition type per role or build.

For pvp you can create one pvp set and be done.

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Generally you don’t use the same weapons and equipment in the different types of PvP that exist, so your vision is a bit limited.


With that argument I could also say you could just run one Wardgear until you do one m10 run and stop playing the game as PvE player.

Why do other m10’s if you already have done Genesis for example.

Also why would you need shards or other wardgear to play other m10’s if you can play Genesis once every 3-4weeks. You can still play other dungeons with the same gear, or just the regular ones. You don’t NEED to run other m10’s neccessarly right

But you want to, cause you like to enjoy all the content this game offers.
What limited view is that to think that PvP’ers want to spend hundreds of hours in one gearset.
Just like you would want to switch your sets for PvE.

PvP’ers just want to have more shards from PvP. And as PvE’r you’re pretty much done after 400k shards. Maybe 500k if you play diff weapon variations. But hey, if you enjoy running 25 Mutations every week that’s fine. Some just don’t.
As PvP’er I don’t mind to put in even more time than a PvE’r to get shards. But at least make it possible, so I can play what I ENJOY and get forward.

As PvP’er I need then 300-400k just to be able to run all m10’s so I can gather another 400-800k to enjoy my PvP world.
It’s bs


LOL, PvP gear is changing every month. if you want to enjoy PvP you want to have 1 set per role, and in-more-Depth every role can have many different PvP builds.

Bring a stronger argument.


Yeah and PVE quests and objectives should give Azoth Salt.

WHAT the fk are you thinking?

No you couldn’t. Becuase there would be a all the other PVE content to do that requires different gear. With PVP you aren’t required to get different gear for different content. You can competitively use the same gear in each format. You choose not to. You can’t complete high end mutators in the same gear in all expeditions. It is a non sequiter.

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Not four sets per role.

That’s why gypsum casts exist. You can get over 6k a day worth of shards. Just farm the orbs.

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Your argument is very weak.

In my guild we might need to change roles because someone is absent for the war. Or fill for X Y Z.

Also this is a video game. You don’t NEED to do any other dungeons. Just keep your corrupted set and farm corrupted dungeons.

Gating PvP player enjoyment on something as basic as umbral shards for what reason exactly?
Just seems pointless why not let people all progress equally and enjoy the way they want to play?

This has been a long time complaint for many players in the PvP community.

What is there for you to lose if this becomes a reality other than Amazon making more money because these people expressing their feelings about the game come back because now they can progress from PvP.

Therefore making the game we love more money and allowing it to be better.


Please, I’ll exchange my 100,000 Azoth Salt for 100,000 Umbral.


Your argument is weaker…

The same is true regarless of pve and pvp…

It scales at a factor of 4 to 1.

We fill in alternate roles for folks in PVP or PVE. Fact is it takes 4x as much gear to PVE as it does PVP. Period. In addition to within a role you need to sub weapons due to enemy weaknesses… which i didnt even bring up.

No your argument is you don’t NEED to use tier 4 tools you can use a tier 1 tool.

Why would anyone want to put themselves through that?

Furthermore, you are a PvE player commenting on PvP gameplay.

What I really want to know is why you are against this change.

Not what the factor of scaling is.

You literally sound like someone pissy at PvP players and want to make them suffer because your agenda is to make this a PvE game instead of a PvP game. When in reality the game can cater to both play styles like every modern MMORPG on the market

GW2, WoW etc.

When in reality @Sonickat - when PvP meta shifts we have to farm up a brand new set.

PvE players have been afforded the general luxury of their perks pretty much going untouched.

It is clear you have limited experience in the PvP realm because when the devs decide to “balance” something for PvP or add a new busted perk or do XYZ you actually need multiple sets.

I would need to run a musket resistance set to be optimal
I would also need to run a slash resistance set for certain teams
I would also maybe want to run a strike resistance set for fighting hammer teams.
an Ice set for mages or a fire set etc.

Already you have what 4-5 sets when in theory PvPers playing at an extremely high level need way more gear than you actually realize.

Do you understand the madness of how expensive that gemming is to do on the fly, where as you are afforded the privilege of seeing what your element will be each week.

So that’s why I keep a necklace and gear with thrust gems in them when I fight muskets, alternatively I keep a whole different set of gear when fighting bruisers


They are winning tho. Let them defend it till we all move on to other games.

Because the gear actually should be segregated so that you have PVE and PVP gear. Umbral shards should only be from PVE sources and only apply to PVE gear. PVP should have it’s own upgrade system that only functions on its own gear. When you have a global upgrade path then folks will always do the easiest possible path that they perceive even if they don’t enjoy that path.

It’s like when they gave the same gold reward for winning or losing in OPR. EVERYONE ran OPR just to farm gold even if they just screwed off and harvested for skill ups not giving a shit about the rewards. Increasing umbral shard rewards will drive more PVE players to PVP and both PVP players and PVE will complain. PVE they cant find groups. PVP players because the pve players aren’t actually pvping and just there to get their free umbral shards.

I think PVP players had it right when they complained they had to do mutators to upgrade their gear. Instead of accepting larger umbral rewards they should of demanded their own. Then players that are willing to grind out M10s aren’t out gearing people who dedicate themselves to pvp.

But so long as the same currency is used for both - you shouldn’t get more for doing less especially when your need is far less in terms of total shards to be competitive and complete content.

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