PvP Healing: Introduce scaling

Healing, as we all know, is too much in PvP. We need to introduce PvP heal scaling to balance the issue of healers taking to DPS and still staying max HP.

In no other MMO(to my knowledge) has such an imbalance for healers in PvP. These same MMO’s have cast interruption when hit for healers too.


Devs probably know that already as it was talked many times before. They won’t implement a separation of values for pve and pvp. Maybe they are lazy and don’t want to deal with different formulas. Or simply want the game how it is, regardless of efficiency.

Tbh the healing weapon is messed up as it is anyway. Like, the ‘protection’ tree had better heals than the healing tree? Wut? And spamming healing like some left-click simulator isn’t fun…for most. It’s just bad design. If I remember right, this weapon was improvised and left as is.

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They can do it and it isn’t hard.

I just hate how TWO DPS can lock a healer down and blow all their abilities just for them to roll away and self heal back to full HP quicker than it took for the DPS to dish out the damage.

It seems to me that DPS get discounted in that scenario when they shouldn’t.


naw I don’t agree to that. There are tools in the game already to negate healing by a lot. If 2 dps do that, they are doing it wrong.

I had 2 guildies that did the same: Just face-rolling on their keyboards trying to kill a healer that was gathering. They couldn’t and got super mad. And guild master told them to get VG and anti-healing perks. What did they do? Continued left-click spamming the healer for an hour while complaining -_-

I can’t sympathize to that extend. That’s too extreme. Like, if you nerf healer that much, what’s left? A char that will just die and can’t do dmg or survive long enough to do damage?

It’s fine if healer can burst-heal but not spammy abilities that makes it unkillable. Also, they have to be in light now where they die like 2 hits if you get em right

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We had anti healing. I think you missed the statement that said we locked the healer down and used all abilities and they still live. The issue is that they can out heal damage received from two DPS. They get massive instant healing along with fortified.

If they introduce changes it wouldn’t completely ruin the class. They would just have to actually think about how they play. Positioning, ability usage, dodging, etc.

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Idk what you’re smoking, but I’m just now leaving the game, because healing is crap after this last patch.
We can’t wear heavy, LE has a cast time now and has been cut in half for power, the focus attrib is a joke, and it’s obvious we’re not wanted by the devs.

I dare you to heal for a single month, ya, you’ll quit too.
Healing isn’t that great, you’re feeling the gear combos.


read my other post lol

I guess you are bad then by your description. I have healed before and it is braindead easy. SG → Orb of Protection and you are chillin’. Fortified for dayssssssss.

Healers shouldn’t be able to tank so much damage and heal more with a single ability than someone else using 1-2 abilities plus light/heavy attacks.

Just some food for thought.

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80% healing debuff on top of halved LE scaling + 1s cast time and -30% healing on heavy isn’t enough for this man

idk I find that hard to believe. and how much dmg was the healer doing to you?

Just two melee can delete like ten people in a war. Combos exist that 100-0 lights and mediums within the space of a single stun and you’re saying they need to be worse at keeping themselves alive? You know, just because it’s inconvenient for you doesn’t mean you delete an entire role from the game.


A lot. Oblivion > Blade was pumping more dmg and they were self healing more than the dmg given.

Inb4 well you are in oblivion. Okay, but we are talking about a healer and not a DPS.

Those ten people are not healers? Ignoring your input as it is invalid or constructive.

They would just have to actually think about how they play. Positioning, ability usage, dodging, etc.

They already are doing this. Hence why you’re on the forums complaining about it. Isn’t it really interesting how no matter how many times they listen to you, and give you more tools to counter healers, and nerf heals again and again there’s always someone that has an issue? There’s people unironically advocating for attribute requirements on weapons. Doesn’t effect me because I run VG/LS anyway but it’s pretty ridiculous.

oh yesss I have heard that VG blade is pretty op right now, healing a lot. welp, devs need to balance this. As I said, the best way is to split damage, but not to the point where healer can’t heal itself.

If those 10 people are in a CC chain getting rended yeah they’re fucking dead. Don’t pretend. I can show you a clip right now of three people dying instantly in a 3v3.

Yes. Not to mention, lets say, if you hit them with a Plagued Strikes it reduces healing by 24%.
Bless ed is 20%, so now they have -4%. Sacred adds 8.4% and now it is +4.4% on them. At last we have the healing bonus passive they get from the Life Staff.

Effectively they healing reduction from Plagued X doesn’t make as much of a difference as it would imply.

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i heard 1000 ppl hitting on a naked healer and he killed them while looking away.
true story i read it on the internet so it most be true.
healer is crap now

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Same. This last patch ruined the game for me. I just maxed my light heal gear, spammed tempest for hours upon hours for the sagacious gear, never got all of it…spent loads on specific jewelry to then get nerfed? Obnoxious. I’ve defended this game since the start. I’m the last of my friend group to finally quit haha

I’d like to watch a stream of you healing against competent players in arena with antiheal.

Healing is easy and great against bad/average players, when you face actual PVP players with good team comps you can get shredded due to the recent changes to cast time.