Pvp Improvement and update ideas

Hello new world players, I wanted to share ideas that I think are pretty much needed and will help with the growth of the game itself.

I will focus this post in PvP because we are loosing a part of the community by not having a decent PvP in-game. PvP should always be a big part of an MMORPG unless its exclusively PVE, which its not the case of New world.

Improving PvP will definetly increase the player base and will also add more enjoyment to the game, and with the ideas i will propose this content will be able for all levels, not only lvl 60 players.

Another good point of this is that streamers usually go for entertaining content for their community, an improved Pvp is definetly gonna get those people playing more New world and will bring more people to the game

1-. Add an specific PvP Area. this means to have an area that is exclusive for PvP, if you enter, PvP will be toggled ON automaticaly. This will improve PvP by itself a little bit, ¿but how to make it an alive land with a lot of players? simple. we add to that part of the map (which should be an entire new area) resources specifically from that part, special monsters and why not, a new dungeon later own. This area has to have a resource/MOB/Dungeon unique to that place that makes people wanting to go there all the time, for example, a rock that allows a new arrow to be made, since arrows are a resource that has to be constantly farmed whether to sale or use, it’ll keep that PvP only zone alive, thats just one idea of resource, imagine if 10-20 resources like that are implemented. a heavy pvp zone will be born.

  1. Make people want to go pvp, currently the only benefit of being in pvp is the 10% more exp. its a good buff but its not really a game changer or anything. and on top of that, if you get killed, youll loose time and loosing it its also exp waste.

Another extremely bad thing about pvp is that ANY PLAYER CAN ATTACK YOU. meaning that level 60’s can destroy you, if you are level 20 for example, there is no way to retaliate, you just die.
So in order to fix these issues, I propose the following idea:

*Make PvP fair, its not normal that a maxed out player can destroy you if you started playing one or two days ago, so if a system where only a certain range of players can attack you (for example, if you are level 40, you can attack and be attacked by level 30s-50s) (10 levels up and 10 levels down for example) is implemented, it’ll become a better pvp becuase it’ll be fair, it will also make worthwhile to have pvp on because not the entire world will be able to attack you and if you get attacked, you can fight back, therefore having that extra 10% buff its gonna be worth it (increasing pvp population), and at the same time, if you encounter another pvp player, you can win if you have the skill because the gaps between levels is not gonna be 30 levels. this will make PvP more entertaining because youll need skill for it and it’ll make people try to be better at it too from early to late game.

  1. Make PvP drop something, as we all know, killing a good player is often a fight that can go for a long time, and after you’ve done it, you dont really win anything, if all you loose resources and the little experience you win, it’ll depend on how much time that person has had the PvP toggled on and how many people he has killed, therefore a new system where killing a player and getting a reward from it seems neccesary becuase the current pvp doesnt feel rewarding enough.
    What reward some may ask, and its simple, whatever item the other player had, simple, if you kill someone in PvP, its only natural that you can get some of his items or all of them, I wouldnt reccoment to have a ramdom drop from killing a player because thats easily exploitable, so what I propose its simple, if two maxed out level 60’s are fighting for example, whoever wins, gets the items.
    There can be a further development of this idea, for example not all items being lost, and actually being able to protect an item we choose by getting an special object dropped (for example with the idea I have above) from the pvp only zone. Or have a sign or two crossed swords above the player’s name to tell that person is currently in pvp risking his items because he attacked someone, and if you go to a pvp zone but you dont attack anyone you wont get that sign so therefore youll loose only half of the items you have on or youll protect five items or so. (Not having the sign doesnt mean you cant get attacked, it simple means you arent risking everything).

  2. Last but not least, the game needs a Poll section in-game, with this I mean having an special NPC in every settlement that will allow you to vote on new updates the Devs feel and would like to work on, that way the game changes and grows how the community wants and the Dev’s can actually see what the people want, since not everyone goes to the forums outside the game. this update will be able to reach everyone in-game and itll valuable information about how to make the game better according to the community.

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