PVP in New World is pointless and stale

There arises a serious problem when a game is designed so heavily for PVP, as New World obviously was, and then is completely switched in the middle of development to implement pretty bad PVE content. When that happens you get New World; a half-assed, mechanically broken game, effective at neither PVP or PVE. It was inevitable this game was going to have PVPers and PVErs go head to head trying to sway the game in their direction. There is toxicity and bias on both sides, and I find it hard to believe that a game can appease both sides properly. Hopefully, AGS can prove me wrong, but as a PVP-focused player, I PVE to get better at PVP, that is all. I craft the things I will need for my build, and get the resources I can use to do so. PVPers want an immersive, realistic, and logical experience. PVErs want peace, and not to be bothered.

New World is built around territory control, a PVP premise. It does not make any sense to have the mechanics the game has right now, and it frustrates PVP players. Owning territories is pointless, as anyone can do anything in any city, regardless of who owns the settlement. Wars are dumbly instanced 50v50 events (What war has ever a cap on people allowed to participate?)

On the other hand, PVE players are looking to grind, watch netflix, and chill without bother, with some dungeons mixed in (which are currently pointless since they don’t drop any good high watermarked gear); Basically a generic mmo cookie-cutter game. This is not interesting to PVP players. PVE players also don’t challenge themselves to beat other players because they are not as competitive as PVP players are.

So here we are, in Aeternum, with a settlement sitter endgame q’ing outpost rush 10x a day, with duels in between, to get any sort of PVP, which is meaningless, other than some gold to buy some better gear or get some crafting levels up. Once crafting levels are leveled up, and gear is complete, what is next? What else is there to do? Hopefully, these open-world PVP events will bring some refreshment to the endgame, but for now, the game is pretty unsatisfying. I will be logging on less and less as the weeks go by because there is simply no point or fun in sitting in a settlement to q. We need open-world rewards for pvp and some territories worth owning and keeping.

There’s no need for PvErs to try and sway the game their way as it was released in a way that caters to both PvP and PvE. It’s unfortunate you feel that it doesn’t cater to your needs enough but I assure you, PvPers are the minority and PvErs are by far the majority.

NW is a PvX game with opt in PvP and the game has been out for just over a month, perhaps give AGS time to release further content, not all of us rush to endgame so we can then complain about having nothing to do.

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