PvP Incentive, my weapons aren't PvP spec

Something to consider from someone who has little to no interest in PvP. (Though this could work in the reverse to get someone PvP focused / interested in more expedition / PvE content.)

One of the biggest reasons I don’t care to flag in open world, or do really any Outpost Rush (tried it 4x haven’t gone back) is the fact that, as a PvE focused player, my weapons are NOT PvP speced. I would have to respec at least one of my favorite weapons to even consider it.

Now, sure, it’s not really that expensive anymore at something like a maximum of 50 Az. But consider this instead; Make every weapon DUAL spec. What I mean by that is down maybe at the bottom of the weapon area, near the ‘respec’ button you have buttons that are something like Spec A and Spec B. That way, someone like me who doesn’t really care for PvP might get a bit more incentive if I knew I could just flip to Spec B and that’s my setup for that weapon for PvP.

Again, it may not seem like much since you can respec for low cost, but I’d bet most people probably aren’t like me in that they plan out a build, get a screen shot, and then can use that for their records if they do want to respec. And speaking as someone who does, even knowing I’d just have to pull up the PvE or PvP picture and copy it is NOT ENOUGH incentive for me to consider flagging to try out that open world flagged bonus or to swap some gear and try out Outpost Rush with the PvP weapon spec on.

I’m … disappointed at the push to get players to do all the different activities. People should just be able to only do what they are most interested in and be fine with that. But I get it. Things are intertwined so that they do have incentive to do all the things. But, IMO, as someone who typically avoids PvP, I think this is a big limitation in terms of encouraging people to try it.

(Or the reverse, as some PvP specs/perks aren’t the best for PvE, this may encourage someone who’s heavily PvP focused to do more expeditions.)


A good and reasonable idea.
If they feel this is too op they can make it unlockable by reaching lvl 20 in said weapon.
Sounds good.

Yeah I thought about mentioning some kind of cost or level to unlock, but really if they want to incentivize people they’d have to do it right from the start, or very very low. Like weapon level 5 kind of low. I think 20 would be too much for the casual person.

I’m even kind of hardcore with the weapons I like and I’ve only gotten Void to around 17 so far. (And that’s probably with 6+ hours a day since it came out, with about a half dozen hours just running it through a lower elite area to power level it.)

i would be ok with it being at lvl 20. but it’s just an adjustment

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