PvP is New Worlds only hope

I hate to break it to PvErs. But AGS can only create epic looking dungeons so quickly, it takes months and months to design them. They will never satisfy the want for infinite dungeons that we all have.

The game really only needs 1 really good PvP mode that hooks people into it. Like most of the top games on twitch are PvP.

Not saying they should stop making dungeons or PvE, or that there arent tons of other problems with crafting for example. I just really think they are overlooking the PvP which is really the only thing thats going to keep players coming back. PvErs should want a better PvP mode as well. If it means more players, and more profits, it means more money will be invested in dungeons and PvE in the future.

Please add a really fun new pvp option. Or your players will leave after every patch.


Game need both:

  1. ranked pve dungeons
  2. ranked opr/arena
  3. both have to be cross server with resets every month or so

But they have to stop making combat system “idiot” lvl. Some weapons are ok if they are use to use, but stop making all mechanics around stupid so bad players can win from time to time.


I have yet to come to an MMO for the PVP in 35 years of gaming. In fact, historically, open-world PVP has only led to the destruction of MMOs. I realize that is not what you are advocating, but its an indicator that PVP is often a beast of its own nature. There are literally hundreds of games out there in which you can get your PVP fix - not every game you play has to have a PVP component. However, the game already has wars, OPR, 3v3 arenas and invasions, not to mention PVP missions and the option to run around PVP-flagged all the time. If you want constant PVP, log into a MOBA like Smite or League or Battlegrounds or whatever. No further PVP modes are needed, because the real issue is that you’ll never be satisfied. Once they implement what you are asking for, you’ll immediately drop another post about how, “X mode was fun, but NW really needs ANOTHER PVP mode.”


No. I am saying none of their PvP modes are fun. They are crap. They need an actual fun PvP mode.

It just seems like making this MMO was just a hustle and once people stop buying skins this game will stop being updated.

A new PvP mode would be worth the gamble of this entirely boring pve game.


It’s either…

  1. Overhaul the server structure so it’s more conducive to “come and go as you please”… (in other words, abandon territory conflict and adopt something similar to GW2)

  2. Charge a sub and start pumping out content like wow and ff…

  3. Focus hard on PvP and accept a niche but fun game for a minority of players…

That’s how I see it. I don’t mind the super casual, sub-free cadence of content… But the server structure just doesn’t fit (will always be opening new then merging soon after).

They need to “come to Jesus” and decide what kind of game they want to make. And then do it.


“Make more content I want to play. Trust me. No seriously, trust me. If you make me happy you’ll save your game. Trust.”

Another fantastic thread made by a PvP only player.

“Dying” - has 97k peak players today. Had 16k peak players 4-5 months ago.


I love PvE as well friend. I just think a real PvP game is going to add a lot more players. But you can keep waiting months for the next dungeon and replaying the old ones forever I dont want to stop you.


Game needs an eternal/persistent open world pvp mode like Cyrodiil in ESO for constant pvp fights/siege. It’s one of the reason my friend left after maxing everything because there is nothing rewarding for him to do anymore.


No one has ever tried to make a truly competitive PvP focused mmorpg. I think it will be very successful if someone does it one day. It would have to have a really high skill ceiling, so people would want to watch the really good player and/or have a pro league/tournaments.


The only hope this game has, is never facing competition.

Weapons are so unbalanced and limited that PvP will never be good. PvP is horrible in this game and any new mode they add will be crap because fundamentally the skill system just isn’t good. I used to want them to add PvP modes that were fun in other games, like Arathi Basin from WoW, but I have since realized that even if they copied that mode perfectly, it would be a disaster here because the weapon skill system is just so limiting and poorly designed.

The only thing keeping people playing is lack of competition, and dopamine hit from ‘grinding’ because nothing in this game is actually ‘good’ or ‘fun’.

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If the game could survive as a PvP game, AGS would have stuck to their original plans.


Its not a radical idea but its been proven to be successful. So many people say pvp is the answer and others say that pve is the answer but there are multiplayer game modes that blend the two together to make pvpve possible. By including objectives that dont require pvp conflict to exist to still be entertaining but instead enhances the experience. A team deathmatch with the objective that is guarded by npcs on either side which are allied with their designated team colors or another example is putting a mess of chaotic evil npcs in the center that attack either side and again put an objective at either end of the map between two teams. Another option is to place the objective in a mess of enemies for the two teams to compete over. Another option is to race to build a cart of explosives using the resources around you and then push and escort it to the objective.
Another is to complete the ritual and the more players that work on an incantation the less help they will be to defend their partners but the stronger the ritual to summon a more powerful beast or send players to attack the enemy and hinder their ritual to weaken their monster. When all is done the bohemouths battle before turning onto the enemy members.

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OPR is PvPvE and is awful.


Opr is barely pve to be called pvpve. It has components but couldnt stand as pve on its own for its own experience. Im trying to put some other game as an example but all i can think of is the multiplayer mode i. The newest turok game where you can agro a t-rex or a group of raptors into the enemies base which was chaotic but fun.

Because while it is an interesting idea, it doesn’t really work in practice.

PvP is meant to be competitive play against other humans. If players lose because they were killed by OP AI controlled mob, or because other players out-DPS’d them against a mob by spamming a rotation, it makes PvP feel bad.

But if they don’t allow PvE to have a meaningful impact on the game mode, then the PvE feels bad.

In OPR it started with the former, but people complained, but then they nerfed the summons so bad that it is now the latter. And the whole Baron thing was just pathetic from the start as it uses a last-hit-wins mechanic, so it makes neither player group happy.

Other games have tried the PvPvE but they are all niche games, or the PvE part is relegated to being an afterthought.

Maybe someone will succeed at PvPvE but I don’t see it happening in an MMO.


Nah, PvP is the opposite NW’s only hope, and I say this as someone who’s 95% pvp.

PvP needs balancing and the war revamp, but nothing major aside from minor tweaks to arenas and opr.

The NW PvP community is just way too cliquey and toxic to be tolerable to the average player. If AGS went all-in the PvP design, the game would very quickly become totally dead.

Sure the top games on Twitch are “PvP” but they are built around that. An average-skill player can play a game of CS, get matched against similar people, and have a good time. What’s an average-skill NW player have to look toward to? Leaving spawn and instantly getting blasted by the musket stack in comms?

Also war logging doesn’t really count as “something to keep players coming back.”

At one point I would’ve agreed but the PvP scene now is so different from the first few months. And all the reasons above are why there’s been half a dozen failed PvP servers.

Heck, the most recent “super server” had almost every top company, and within a week it reached a critical mass of toxicity and war logging and totally imploded.


I don’t play PvP at all.
For me, it would be cool, if there was more content for solo players.


This. 100%. I’d be happy if they broke the servers up PVE and PVP. PVPers are the most toxic part of any MMO community.


PVPer’s stack/min/max and then cry that the game isn’t fun. See this model over and over again. I have hundreds of hours in this game and still enjoy it today. “Don’t blame the gogo dancers if the DJ isn’t having fun.” meaning it’s a sand box, if you aren’t having fun then you aren’t doing what you enjoy.

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Meanwhile in the middle they decided to add PvE and slow down a little bit with PvPs. Results?
Copy paste, avg PvE.
Unbalanced PvP with shitty war rules and one OPR map - avg.