PvP is New Worlds only hope

I agree with the general point. PvP itself is not killing the game but the way it is handled means a few have way to much power and they basically ruined it, for me. They need to do sometime of revamp of the PvP system. I can count how many times I have done PvP on one hand and it is because of the elites (not all as I want to be clear on that point) that use the power they have in this game to fill in something that is missing in reality.

Games are suppose to be a relaxing form of entertainment and for me, personally, the PvP system in this game falls short of that mark.


its ture,this could make things different


This has been proven wrong multiple times. It started as a pvp game and no one liked it so they tacked on a pve element and we got a lukewarm pvx. They are still working on it so there’s still hope. Look at FFIX. They scrapped the original and came back with something bigger and better. There’s hope but only if AGS focus on improving the right things.

IMO thre fresh start servers were only effective to showcase to new players and ones that left early on that somethings have been added/improved. For anyone that has played through the down times they can see there’s still major issues and even for the returning players there’s only a few weeks worth of content here.

As it’s now clear that pvp alone wont fix this game we can all agree - because we’re not so ignorant that we’ll keep pretending that pvp is the games primary focus :wink: - that improvements to both pve and pvp are needed and all aspects of the game need to be revamped… not just starting areas… which weren’t the issue.

Everyone enjoyed up to lvl 30. That’s where they should have started fixing the game.

  • Pvp AGS need to look to league, dota, fortnite etc as a base starting point.
  • Open world pvp and pvx I’ve always argued that there needs to be multiple points of interest to contest over ie. farms, ruins etc etc that we can rebuild and that contribute to territory influence
  • Pve revamping invasions, corrupted portals, reskinned enemies, crafting system

There are a lot of things they need to focus on in general but the above are what’s at the core of the game that if they don’t improve people just won’t be motivated to come back once they go.

Essentially every person I started the game with have hit the point where they will not return. Some came back for Brimstone, others for fresh start but now they’re just wondering what’s the point. They don’t like the grind for GS, chests, crafting mostly and the pvp is just to unbalanced to bother with so they’re all off playing League of legends, Diablo 2 remake, Destiny 2, WoW, Runescape :confused:

Go figure.


Game didnt die only couse of pvp imho. If not pvp game would not make it to brimstone and fresh start servers. So there is that.

Game is pve and pvp. Both type of players to play it. Where most players do both. Thats why both have to focused on.

Where combat system imho is the core. With bad combat system both - pvp and pve would feel like a crap. So this has to be taken care. Couse all new game adds will break combat it has to be rebalance like 2-3 times per year at least.

Then ags should have big team working on pve and smaller team working on pvp content.

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yeh its called pvx.

Look at mobas. They have 100+ characters and they manage to balance enough to make each champ enjoyable to play even if they’re not “meta”. I put quotes because meta doesn’t make any difference in lower elos. Which also shows how well they’re balanced because if you can win with a non meta champ then it shows it’s more about skill then just picking a champ and gg.

On top of network issues a major part of pvp that needs fixing is damage output and stamina consumption. These 2 things are so unbalanced it’s eye watering.

Internet at 90mbps and a lot of moves don’t do any damage and that’s when enemies have finished rolling and don’t have fortify. Clearly no damage coming from the moves. You’re dead before people are even doing their moves.

All stamina is used for is iframes. Light users are more tanky then tanks because they can avoid damage while spacing themselves. Tanks can’t do that XD

Damage output is just too high for large groups of people. It doesn’t build up to anything. It’s just 2-3 hits and people die. And that’s just from 1 player. Let alone 5-10 people stacking on 1 person.

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But not all 100 characters are equal. Each next patch does shit meta in every moba game. So some characters are stronger, while others getting to weak to be used by 99% of players. But moba dev teams know they have to rebalance staff after each patch over and over. I dont think amazon does realize this.

Also in most games team that does design new characters/weapons have some ground rules that allows them to make stuff ballanced vs all older stuff. Not the case with amazon. Amazon is kinda like Wargaming with releasing new premium tanks/ships - each next have to be way more OP that all before him. And its bad way to develop a game.


This is what happens when you hire lead developers with almost no previous MMORPG experience to build a AAA. New World will always be a bumpy ride.

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There are 2 options. They will figure it out - how to balance and design stuff. And game will be better that ever. Or they dont - game will be more and more messy and die.

Right know its seems they have no good systems in place when it comes to designing new items, perks, weapons. They just yolo.

How i know that? Couse they repeated mistaked they did with GA. GS does same stupid things where you have single skill that does all:

  • dmg
  • heal
  • cc/remove cc
  • coffe
  • good massage

Any1 who ever designed anything in software know you cant do that. It is broken by design if it does all lol. And it is just tip of the iceberg.


2 days till better netcode pvp! hype

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You’re ignoring this part though. It’s impossible to perfectly balance that many champs all with their own sets of moves but they’ve balanced them so close that you can win with any champ if you’re skilled enough.

NW has 14 weapons and some are so OP compared to others people rarely use the weak ones.


I actually think it’s the opposite, as in that PVE players would be more open to both modes being available but PVP players would only be open for PVP and wouldn’t care that much about PVE.

Or at least that’s the image I get when reading these threads.


Well, at least you can say that you tried it, and ultimately it wasn’t for you. I haven’t tried it - not even OPR - and I think it’s doubtful I ever will. It isn’t necessarily that there is a lack of sufficient incentive to do so - for myself, the PvE experience is sufficient.

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The absolute state of this thread, my goodness.

Looks like a bunch of children

I hate PvP players because x
I hate PvE players because x
You are killing the game
No you are killing the game
Listen to me AGS
No, listen to me AGS
We “insert mode” players are the only hope!

This is literally the whole thread

I think most of you shouldn’t post on the forums, your views are totally biased towards just one mode, it feels like kindergarten.

I’m happy that AGS can actually fix this, PvE will fix itself overtime, all the issues we have regarding the 900 sets needed, lack of content, umbral shards and classes imbalances will definitely change, PvP needs so little that if they haven’t fixed all the PvP problems soon then it’s definitely their fault.


I will tell the truth, PVP im MMORPG is a rotten corpse that people keep trying to come back, it aint fun if you arent stomping, and the people who want to revive this decayed body and keep complaining no matter what they get are the people who love with all their might. grieve people in open world. The only respectable mode is the separate PVP modes, where you go in, do your thing and leave, no grieving, no drama. The real epic content, what makes the experience truly epic are the PVE contents, I mean large contents, RAID, Large Scale Events, High Difficulty Dungeons, and you said something correct and difficult to do, but it has to be absolute priority . PVP has its audience, the same audience that will play a little, take a beating and go back to their full pvp games(games that has a solid competitive scenario that is hard to get in a MMO, simple because it is not to be meant this way) that they are used to, who stays and who likes all the content, and who usually complains about PVP are the first to leave the game.

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Having to pve to pvp rubs many the wrong way. Theyre used to the moba styled games or fps where you hop straight into the action on an even playing field without 10’s-100’s of hours of grind to be competitive.

OPR’s and arena’s should probably be equalized up to 625 for that reason. There will still be the gear and consumables diference but that would help.

The next pvp mode thats needed isnt even a mode. Its open world pvp via the faction conflict system changes the devs talked about instituting in their recent video. I agree with the ask for cross server queus and integration.

I do worry if the NW servers can handle open world pvp. Atm I dont think they can. When we take 50+ members up to Brimstone most of the players dont even render and you see a glowing ball instead of their body.

If they dont fix this for open world pvp I dont know what the point is of it.

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Ever played DAoC?

Doesnt everybody?

Oh…no…they dont.

Well said. 2 bad the tryhard fanboi deniers will flame you for all that reality you just dumped on them.

New world is doomed to be a niche game that slowly loses player population and will struggle to attract new players.

Next AGS game will be better