PvP is New Worlds only hope

Tell me you don’t have the ability to read a simple chart, without telling me you don’t. My guy you can’t understand average player count versus the peak player count at all. :joy:

It slowed in July, but Peak players were up. Average was up in August, while Peak had a slight dip. It’s been rising steadily in Average since August and Peak has gone down from the height of 137k, as expected after a new content release (BSS) and FSS experiment.

This is what I’m talking about


Literally kindergarten, listen mate, I love the EPIC PVE Content, and I love some PvP too, not everyone forces themselves to play one mode, PvP is fun too, you should try it with mates.

aint fun if you arent stomping

You definitely get stomped and assume that for everyone, there are plenty of successful MMOs (ESO and WoW comes to my mind) that have a balanced PvP experience, there will always be top players, that are just extremely good but they’re the 1% and coming from ESO I’ll tell you that I’ve seen some very very bad players who couldn’t even light attack before their skill, become 1vX top notch players in the span of a year.

PVP has its audience, the same audience that will play a little

That’s the most delusional post I’ve read in my life, PvP players have casuals sure, like all modes and games, but it’s mostly sweats and try hards that will play 15h a day, it’s the complete opposite, people that are hooked on PvP will most likely never leave, if I open ESO EU right now I know the majority of known PvP players are still on while my entire Trial focused guild is completely dead.

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What you are proposing makes me nauseous…

Isn’t it time to innovate a little?

Semantics. Game had a late burst, but people are leaving again.

Revisit the topic in half a year and we’ll see who understands what.

In my company even the hardcore PvE players are dropping out en mass.

Wrong, see :

Yes, that is reflected in the Peak numbers, though, not the Average numbers. These are two distinctly separate measurements.

My understanding appears to be quite in line with what the data shows, while yours does not, see above. Additionally, if AGS does not fix the fundamental issues that are driving some players away, the game will continue to lose numbers, as reflected over all of 2021 and about 6-7 months of 2022.

People will always leave, especially when there are issues that were not fixed since the last time they left. People will always come and go from games they like, that’s just how it is with games.

bro if you don’t have money let me help you yourself go to crowded server

WTB open world perma flaged pvp server :stuck_out_tongue:

PVP will not save anything. As a proof, 85% of the screams, cries and anguish of this forum are about PVP!
PVP is the wailing wall of this forum!

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I whole heartedly believe if there was a ranked 1v1 and 3v3 game mode, this game could actually have an esports scene and a baseline for pvp weapon changes to be made. As well as implementing a system for PvP only changes (it only has to be damage changes). Not to mention the game desperately needs an Azoth salt sink. Such as buying BoE PvP only craft mods or Tier 5 materials using azoth salt. I have 90k and its just going up. I am even a casual PvP’er who only has 43 tracks completed.

A lot did, and most of them died in few weeks …
You’ve to understand that hardcore pvp players are a minority in the mmorpg genra, you’re so few that your community can’t sustain a game.
That’s why all mmorpg are PVE only or PVE with a bit of PVP.

And by the way, the fact is hardcore pvp players are often toxic.

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Which games? I’m talking about a balanced pvp game that would have a ranking system similar to overwatch, apex legends, valorant, LoL, etc… I’m pretty sure it has never existed. Developers have made pvp-centric mmorpgs, which are often unbalanced open-world sandboxes, but those are not competitive pvp games.

The most popular games, at least on steam, are competitive PvP games.

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Sorry but in fact, this is a fact, you’ve plenty of studdies from the gaming industry, on the hardcore pvpier toxicity … And it’s often an argument to explain why full PVP focus mmorpg fail so quickly.

Comparing an MMORPG to a bunch of MOBA games… this might be the wrong genre for you :thinking:

Yeah, you’re quite easy to please, most of you are just asking for nerf of everything, and AGS gives it to you every time you ask.

No matter, if the nerf are really justify or if it will kill builds for pve players.

You see, your post is fun, if we make the proportion of complaining on this forum between pve players and pvp players, I’m pretty sure, pvp players are those who are the most complaining by far …

Huge failure to not release at least one additional opr map variation. OPR could easily be the flag ship pvp mode if it was given any attention.

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The most bias argument ever. As a player of classic, there’s a lot of things you don’t understand :

1/ WoW Classic is “pvp” cause it’s a remaster edition of a game with its original content, an original game that was edited at a time where all games were pvp. And there’s a reason why Blizzard change the system after few expansion to adopt the war mode flagged system.

2/ The open world pvp in WoW classic, like in WoW in its time retail is heavyly regulated by the guilds, you’ve specific zones dedicated to them (like taren mill in southshore), as we all know pvp players are often toxic, and to avoid camping players, bus chasing players one by one, or grey chain kill. So if you go out of the servers rules put in place by major guilds, we come and crush you down and farm you as long as needed to make you quit the game. It’s a way to be sure that every kill you make were in fair fights.

So very far away from what you’re thinking of I presume

Another one

Not true, explain why OPR is popping from 8;am to 2;am, while sometimes i struggle to even find a group for MUTATION?

It seems that a lot more folks enjoy PVP than dungeon crawling.

Because every server is different and general assumptions dont apply across the board.

if u want to analyze something you take a sample and focus on that, not on the whole.

‘Sample’ in this case are servers with more than 1000 people and in those server PvP is more active than Mutation/normal dungeon crawling.

besides that, PvP players right now are the true PvPvX players( they craft they gather they running mutation while also doing the PvP modes) while PvE players are just that, PvE players.


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