PvP is New Worlds only hope

Agreed, the game needs to go way harder on pve , not pvp

Also OPR is stupid and I hate it. I dont even try playing it. The only way I get credit is by farming pve shit because Im insta killed before I even get an attack off against a group of 40 people… Feels so pointless when Im there.

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The PvP zone needs to be happening 24/7 and wars should be still available as usual for the companies that really work for them.

If the PvP zone was made to be the most efficient and fun way to get pvp xp and a little gold that would probably be enough to drive people there.

OPR is supposed to be this but it is super slow repetitive xp gold grind and has gotten old and dominated by the regulars. Which is why I think a new zone needs to be much larger so people can sneak around the premade teams.


They need to:

Update opr
Two new maps and rotate between the three so you dont know what map your playing on before you get in. Make one of the maps have a bunch of npcs. Like smaller npcs that are only hostile to the enemy team. Change the respawn area to another fort, except it has undestroyable doors.
Implement weapon limits and matchmaking. Each team has healers etc
Change scoring to make capturing the fort or defending a fort about 5-10x points than it is today.
Add cross server queues in the same region.

Update wars. Im not really sure how to do this but they need to be more accessible for players not in hardcore pvp companies.

Expand invasions
Add all the different enemy types. Dont let the team know about the enemy type until 45 seconds before the enemies attack the fort.
Add mutated invasions to have additional effects like mixed enemy types and elemental damages

If people left for the flagging buff to gathering luck, and that small change was all it took for them to leave, I don’t feel any pity for them. If they couldn’t adapt to have better pvp ready gathering sets, and BSS added some nice named pieces to help with this, then sucks to be them I guess. :man_shrugging:


You’re only ever against 21 people, so if OPR isn’t your cup of tea, you’d not have to hate it, just keep not doing it like you have been. :man_shrugging:

A whole lot of projection going on in your post there, bud.

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You hit the nail on the head with that acute observation!

The game will be done in 12 months.

There are so many glaring issues with the PvP in this game, everybody will move on for the 2nd and final time.

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The fact you think invasions are PVP tells me you shouldn’t be commenting on this threads or advocating for what the game needs.


I disagree with you, based on the fact that average player count has continued to rise since July.

Ya I’m not sure how to feel about OPR, I’ve been 60 for only a week and the teams never seem to be even. It’s usually one team with a solid amount of frontline, 4-5 range players and the rest are healer’s, while the opposing team is 15 Range player’s 1 healer and a couple of GA/GH/SnS player’s. The team with the most frontline just steamroll pass the opposing team, 3 cap and just camp the exit.

Open world is fine, I know what I’m signing up for when I decided to flag up and don’t care about getting ganked. When I sign up for OPR I’m at least expecting some sort of consistency.

How long was that?

More pvp is needed just like more pve is. The game needs both as this is a pvp based game in large part.

The younger generations also are more into pvp on avg. This is not a pve based game solely or even at its core. Telling pvp players to go play a differeny game is ridiculous. NW is a pvp game first and foremost.

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Honestly no, more pvp things are not needed. What is needed is for the pvp options we have to instantly pop queues. Arenas and OPR both take 30+minutes even with servers with 1300 people on it. Dont worry about anything new until cross server dungeons and pvp opens up, otherwise it will just spread out people even thinner.

Please? It started rising only in September and is dropping again from the early November peak.

So we had a 2 month burst and people are shutting the doors on the game again.

Cross server has been worked on since the population dip in January. Probably longer than that. Having another gamemode tested through the PTR would not necessarily be bad for when their back-end finds a solution. Either way we’re not looking at any new PvP gamemodes for at least 2-3 months.

read my last post plz,this is kinda a solution to the situation that you’re talking about. every company will have a chance to compete with them.

As of right now I suppose about 21 years. 15 years of really good popularity.

I R Sofa King mislead

I agree with the general point. PvP itself is not killing the game but the way it is handled means a few have way to much power and they basically ruined it, for me. They need to do sometime of revamp of the PvP system. I can count how many times I have done PvP on one hand and it is because of the elites (not all as I want to be clear on that point) that use the power they have in this game to fill in something that is missing in reality.

Games are suppose to be a relaxing form of entertainment and for me, personally, the PvP system in this game falls short of that mark.