PvP is not worth it anymore until they fix these issues

I decided to make a post giving all the reasons why I think PvP is not worth it anymore due to a lot of things being very unbalanced. I really enjoyed PvP in this game until a lot of little things contributed to me being frustrated after almost every outpost rush game or war.

  1. Healers too hard to kill - Healers do an insane amount of healing to themselves and others. In group pvp, I think it is fine how much healers heal for, especially with some of the new perks like plagued crits and strikes. However, even with plagued crits, I cannot 1v1 a healer. I can’t get them below 50% health to even get a plagued crits to activate. Between the healers hopping around and using divine embrace to heal themselves back to full, it’s nearly impossible to hit them and do enough damage to get them low. This matters because if a healer goes to a point, they can’t be stopped unless a lot of players come for them. Plagued strikes wouldn’t work either unless they were stupid and walked right into your heavy attack, but with them hopping around good luck hitting it.

Video: Must be hard to stand still and heal - YouTube
(Healer just stands still and doesn’t matter how much we auto and use abilities he takes no little damage)

Video (my gameplay): Almost Unkillable Healer - Outpost Rush - New World Gameplay - YouTube

  1. Void Gauntlet and Warhammer CC too OP - Going against one void gauntlet or one warhammer isn’t so bad, but when you get multiple of them together, it becomes nearly impossible to attack, use abilities, drink potions or walk away. Usually I am dead before I can even try to fight. If void gauntlet roots me, I use berserk, but then another void gauntlet roots me again. It’s just a never ending chain of CC.

Suggestion: Give CC effects a cooldown on players or make the CC deration less and less on a player when they’re constantly CC’d. I’m sure there’s better ways to do this, but these are the only things I can think of at the moment.

  1. Weapon Swapping Desync - I play Great Axe and Hatchet, and I usually fight with GA until I get low, then I swap to hatchet to beserk and attack or escape, but a lot of times I try to swap to Hatchet and it switches on the hotbar but doesn’t actually switch on my character, so I end up dying because I can’t swap weapons to activate defy death perk.

  2. Weapon Ability Desync - I mainly notice it when I use charge on my Great Axe, but I will charge in, then it teleports me back to where I first used charge. I’ve noticed sometimes when I hit berserk, it makes the sound but a second later I don’t have berserk activated and I can activate it again.

Video: Weapon Ability/Weapon Swapping Desync - YouTube

Video: New World Desync while attacking? - YouTube
(My latency is 70-85 so it is not on my end. After Reap and my two autos it throws me backwards)

  1. Body Blocked By Teammates - A lot of abilities for the Great Axe are blocked by teammates. If I use Reap through a teammate, it doesn’t register. If I try to charge, my teammate usually ends up blocking me. When I am trying to auto somebody, I am blocked constantly by all of my teammates. This just makes it that much harder to kill a healer. Most of the time, another player gets away when 5-10 people are on him, not because they’re good or outplayed everyone, but because your team body blocks you.

Suggestion: Remove body blocking by teammates. Allow body blocking enemy players so you can still box them in, but I feel like the game would be so much more enjoyable in PvP if you didn’t get body blocked 75% of the time.

  1. Kill Goes to Wrong Person - This is probably by far one of the most aggravating things in this game. When you down a player, YOU should get the kill. In OPR I use all of my abilities to deal a lot of damage and down someone then some other person that didn’t help down them comes along to use their abilities to finish them and get the kill. Why does this affect players so much? Because I get more points when I get kills. I get more gold and azoth when I get more points. If I don’t get enough kills, I don’t get the gold I deserve. Healers already get a lot of points just by healing and now they get even more because they wanna last hit people they didn’t contribute to helping down in the first place. I’ve seen some people say this shouldn’t matter, but it does. My job is to kill other players as an assassin, so when I don’t get the kill I worked so hard for, I get demoralized.

Suggestion: When a person downs someone, give them the kill and if another player finishes them, give them the assist. Once a person is down… they’re pretty much dead already unless they are in a safe spot to be picked up which only happens maybe 2% of the time if that.

  1. Dodge Animation Cancelling - Players wearing light armor can cancel their dodge animation by swapping weapons right at the end of their roll. It makes it nearly impossible to catch them. I’m not sure if this was intended or not, but it definitely seems like an issue that was exploited to give light armor users the advantage when running away. This definitely gives them the advantage over medium and heavy armor users because it doesn’t work as well for them.

Video: Dodge Animation Cancelling with Light Armor - YouTube

  1. Lag - Ever since the 1.0.4 update I have been lagging very bad on this game. If I switch to another game, I am getting half the latency on those games than this game. I have done everything possible on my end to make sure there’s no issue. I ended up opening a ticket to let them know but it just turned into a back and forth conversation about my internet set up. My internet is fine, there’s an issue with the game. Idk why this going on for so long but I hear people complain about it constantly. Maybe that’s was is causing a lot of these other desync problems because all of them started happening at the same time which was the day the 1.0.4 update came out.

  2. OPR Gate Camping - The Devs tried to make it so you couldn’t spawn camp in OPR which did the exact opposite. Before, they camped exactly where you spawned but you had a chance to get out of spawn if you ignored them all and ran. Now there’s only one point their whole team has to sit and just wait for one person to go through the gate to blow them up. At least before it was a random spawn inside the spawn area so they couldn’t predict where to put their damage, now they just go out of the gate in the exact same spot.

Suggestion: Add 3-4 gates at the spawn so players can go out in any direction. The enemy team wont be able to predict which gate you’re going to go for or may end up spread out so they can’t focus all their damage on one spot.


I found your problem. You’re using hatchet, which might be the most underwhelming weapon in the game right now.


I find healers to be easy, just cc/stagger them with healing nerf attacks.


Is that in group fights or 1v1 or maybe even 2v1s against them?

Not sure if you’re trolling or not, but read through my post again. Why would hatchet cause any of those issues? I love the hatchet and I perform very well with it. I am happy with how well it performs.

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I have an issue with the rolling bow turds. They cancel the slow part of the roll with a weapon swap and as a melee, there is no catching them. With the bow perk, it’s literally impossible to have interactive pvp. If I run into a 1v1 against a bow/rapier, there is no catching them.


You know, I am going to add that to my list because that is another issue is the animation cancel after dodge. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to catch people that roll. I usually don’t even attempt to go after people in light armor because I can never catch them.

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opr mostly and when Im specced for it, spear/bow I target them specifically.

Oh yeah, the CC for spears are dirty. I can definitely see that killing some healers. I don’t think it would kill healers that are really good though. I’m not going to say it would be impossible but I’ve watched healers on my server (Olympus) that are nearly impossible to kill. The plagued crits definitely help if we can get them below 50% health but not unless we have enough people to kill them.

well bow has a perk that doesnt need the plagued crits to reduce heals so open on them with that and then cc chain them with spear until mid life then plague crit em to death with perforate and such. Works really well on El Dorado opr.

If they offhand firestaff or rapier it gets dicey cause they can run away but most are running vg right now.

Point 1) Everything has a counter not everything ‘Should’ counter. It sucks I know everyone wants their weapon to be the ‘‘Meta’’ or be able to kill anything. Its just not the case in class build games like MMOs. Everything has a somewhat direct counter and unfortunately your build jsut underperforms against healers. I know with G-Axe being the most common PvP Weapon though that it performs very strongly and very well in most situations as opposed to most builds. Try GAxe/Hammer and utilise some CC/Stuns to prevent heals if your targeting backline.

Point 2) Same again its about counter play. Void is only strong if the get on top of you (and have blade available) and your not utilising movement abilities such as charge for yourself and mechanics such as blocking. If you get screamed just hold block to protect from the time your rooted and then charge out wait for it to drop and take advantage. Similar style against Hammer.

Pont 3) This one I am sure everyone agrees with and hopefully the Devs are making progress on this as its easily one of the worst issues in fights.

Point 4) This one I cant really comment on as Ive not experienced it and im unsure how many people have but I imagine if it was happening often enough the forum would be full of it.

Point 5) Your point seems to be focused at Healers again. If your not in Light or Medium Healers arent even your target stop worrying about them let your Assassin/DPS build fight them its their job. Alot of other weapons experience body block collisions too its not the end of the world find your own ground and make your space to secure your abilities.

Point 6) Yeah agreed 100% But it also needs to be majority of damage not just who downed them gets the kill. AoE can finish someone youve bursted down and would be equally annoying they would need to relook at this properly to see how best to incorporate it.

Point 7) It works very well on medium I utilise it often when you need to double or triple eye frame from a full push its just as strong as lights. Heavy will never catch them anyway even with the roll not being cancelled as it should be. Kiting will always be a light defence.

Point 8) I think this is the issue fo the desync, For me I dont experience it on my native servers only on high ping when I play my NA Char thats because the ping makes it worse. The lag has improved ALOT since the launch days especially in wars etc. which was their priority lag fixing focus im sure the rest will be sorted out shortly for general world.

I didnt reply to invalidate your arguement I just did because gamers nowadays want everything rushed and done there way when they want it and these kind of posts incentivise other posts. Doing that makes Devs feel pressured to rush and causes patches with more issues and problem where as if we give them a chance it will come naturally. They even said in their Dev stream before they focused on too much too quick and it caused alot of problems. For the most part though your PvP experience seems to be hindered by the fact your not focusing on your role within a team. Im going to guess right now that your Heavy Arm with your weapons therefore your job is point on point fights you fighting other tanks pushing enemies back and letting your DPS have the chance to flank. If you want to go for healers drop to atleast medium and utilise some more CC in your build to bully the heals, and backliners. <3

Ehhh, the second point can be countered argued because while everything should have a counter, there is no counter atm to shockwave spam besides hoping to god they don’t have a Greataxe player that yeets a gravity well in before you can dodge, which spoiler alert, is kind of the meta for any engagement, seeing as it ruins counter play. The whole point of this argument is that CC’s that are used multiple times rapidly can pretty much throw anyone off in group engagements. While he’s correct, there should be some form of CC immunity or Diminishing Returns for CC spam, I need to bring up another point that Stuns are practically useless in most scenarios except for literally the one he’s complaining about, which is staggerlocking.

It’d be very nice, and logical that stuns get reworked into be proper STUNS like 99.9% of every other game that implements stun mechanics. Combined that with DR/CC immunity system, and I think we’d have a very strong balance, as it would make Tanks dangerous to engage with (as it should be, their role is literally a force multiplier, a catalyst) as well as open up far more engaging counterplays.

If you have problem in killing healer, maybe it is better you dont do pvp anymore :slight_smile:

CC is very counterable in this game though. There are numerous counters from Dodge, Gear Perks, Skill Tree Perks to Abilities that all counter them.

Yes if you come up against a full squad of CC your trapped no dount about it unless you have full CC counter in your build. The counter play is definitely there but you have to be setup for it, I have no issues with CC as of current as I play Assassin style build and deserve to be punished if I make the mistake of ending up in a 1vX constantly.

Void users are very situational in 1v1 Stuns and Hammer for 1vX stuns. Void being the DPS variant where as Hammer is the Tank Variant, Both of which in the opposite scenario struggle alot more. Im not trying to be a troll and come up with the cheapest ‘‘Git Gud’’ kind of reply just genuine constructive feedback that its how it should be and that you can counterplay any build. Nothing is indestructible in the game but requires the right build to defeat. For example in OPR you will never see me on the point unless its to clear up ill be on the walls fighting 1v1s and raining down DPS from a safe spot so I dont get stunlocked. <3

freedom perk… look it up

Gear perks do not assist, I’m afraid you fell for the ‘Freedom Perk can totally help’ trap. Freedom only applies to the STUN DURATION, so while it helps with roots from the void gauntlet scream and slows, it doesn’t work with stuns in engagements. Why is that? Well, it’s simple:

Stuns do not operate like stuns, they break as soon as damage is applied to the target, this means the literal reasoning people are upset by shockwave spam is not because of the stun. It’s the animation that plays out that locks a person in a stagger animation, which done rapidly on a group engagement (Wars), means you are effectively locked in place. Again, there’s no counterplay here in large engagements because more often then not, people set up their shockwaves around groups, meaning you can’t really dodge, especially with gravity well coming into play. The only way you can avoid this, is to literally not be at the frontlines and engaging, rather you go around the fight and try your best to not get staggerlocked. It’s poor implementation.

Again, you’re talking about 1v1 situations, and that’s fine! 1v1 wise, shockwave is a really balanced skill, because it’s got a wide opening of an animation, it’s essentially a ‘punisher’ skill, but when you have group fights that are centered around fighting in a small spot of territory to capture (OPR and Wars, anybody?) then yeah, we have a problem that needs serious addressing, as well as showing the fact stuns do not work properly.

Now if stuns worked as intended, Freedom perk would be from a niche perk to an amazing perk that any frontliner that’s not a tank should nab in a heartbeat.

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Imo freedom perk needs rework/ boost.

read my post on why Freedom perk doesn’t work with stuns.

Response to your points:

Your Point 1: I agree that everything should have counters, but at least give any class the ability to out play another player. What I am saying is healers are almost unkillable. I’m not talking about the inexperienced healers, I’m talking about healer mains. They are almost impossible to kill unless you get 5-10 guys on them. I’ve had healers just throw down their AOE healers then just stand or lay there without doing anything else because of how much they’re healed. A healers job should be to stay with the pack and heal them, not be a one man army. They should heal others for more than they heal themselves. Force them to do their role because I see way too many healers that are also assassins with void.

Your point 2: Again, I even stated in my comment that I am not referring to going against one void gauntlet or warhammer user. I’m talking about team fights where you can be chain cc’d until you’re dead. They have CD reduction perks for warhammer so they can spam path of destiny over and over and over. How fun.

Your point 5: I’m not focused at the healer role, but I was using that as an example. It’s hard to attack anyone when you’re constantly body blocked by your teammates. It’s not fun for anyone and there is absolutely no point in having it. Fights would go more smoothly without body blocking by your teammates.

Your point 6: Idc how they do it as long as it’s not given to someone that didn’t contribute at all to the person being downed. The only thing I will say about your response is just because you burst someone down doesn’t mean you were gonna kill them. The person that downs someone should get the kill in my opinion because they made it happen. You can burst someone then them use potion right afterwards and get away. There’s no way to tell whether you would have gotten that kill if someone else didn’t down them. Again, there could be an issue with securing kills because if someone goes to an enemy player that has almost no health, they might skip attacking them because they won’t get the kill since they didn’t do the most amount of damage. By giving the player who downs them the kill, that will encourage all players to try hard to down them. There will be less people swinging at downed players to secure kills so they can focus on players that are an active threat.

Your point 7: I just don’t think it was meant to be that way with the dodge animation cancel. It really should be fixed whether or not that will help kill light armor users. It does give them that more of an advantage.

I want you to know that I am built to take out healers. I use GA and hatchet with plagued crits on both. I am medium armor with a lot of strength. But it literally has 0 effect on killing a healer. Why should only CC be the thing that kills them? Healers dodge jump over and over so even if I had warhammer, don’t think it’s going to happen.

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