PVP is saved, now lets revive PVE as well

Hi, i love how devs listen to us and adding PvP Arenas, i beggin for Arenas from first round of testing and finally are coming. Now i can tell you PvP is saved because now there are oppotunities for small scalling PVP not only OPR which i believe will be remaked with system of 4 groups as 5 players system ( 3 dd, 1 heal, 1 tank ) to balance some isusse like too much DD in teams and more strategy.

But this post its not for PvP cuz its now in a good state of content. PvE its suffering a bit. In a previous post i talked about how dungeons saved the game PvE because its not just me but everything, but everything about PvE in this game feels wrong. There is a good potential and the content is here, but seems petty unrewardable, boring and not worth it after reaching a good gear. ( im talking about you elite runs )

So what is wrong with PvE? First lets imagine dungeons never existed, mutations as well. What we have now…elite runs ( lag fest, unorganized, orichalcum toxicity, 0 special drops, not worth it after 625 gs and more ), PvE Arenas ( on my lord just play one OPR for more entertaitment and fun, than just beating a boss without even get a special item to fight for ), corrupted runs ( expeditions now are cheap, not even worth to farm shards and still random items ), im not talking about PvE in general because its part of leveling but you can add i dont know some hunting quests and bouting system idk.

What those three PvE contents have in common ? Lack of motivation for rewards. Not even a challenge or an identity. Seems petty unorganized dont you think?

The content is here, solutions?

First of all Elite Runs, convert to Raids ( gamemode ) : 10 ppl only, isolated, special rewards, same looting chests , level of difficulty for better rewards

Second PvE Arenas, great concept but come on ajust those rewards…looks like a game of OPR. Mutation system here is needed as well.

Corrupted portals in the end, shards must be defined for other items or for Raids to craft keys or some weapons or special gear. Ajusting rewards is not needed. You can add also Hives for angry earth in Edengrove as portals too.

Thanks for all.


PVP isn t save, stop to ask for more PVE stuff, you had your road map with 2 new Expedition coming … What do you think will happen in OPR and WAR when Arenas will come out ? WAKE UP !

People will desert the game for less people in these mode … are you blind to not see it ?

So delusionnal people in 2022


I don’t even think Arenas in New World will even be popular. Except for the top at best 5% of the current New World player base. The bottom 95% of the player base stand absolutely no chance in New World’s PvP environment. Therefore, are not even going to queue for them.

This means that instead of saving New World’s PvP scene. It’ll basically just split the current participants of PvP in New World. Again, PvPers want to PvP. Not do thousands of hours of PvE. For the chance to have the PvE gear to stand a chance in PvP. On the other hand, PvEers mostly are not interested in the PvP scene.

So yeah, if New World refuses to allow for any accessible PvP formats. Ultimately the Devs, will have to start doing cross server queues. To make up for the void of participating players on each server.

Or people will just have to come to terms. PvP that is only accessible to the wealthy, is not sustainable. And aways fizzles out after a period of time. It’s funny to see this history repeat itself for the like 6th time in the last 10 years. RIP


PvP is in the most terrible state it ever was.
EVERYone is running Ice gauntlet. With any primary weapon.
If AGS does not act very quickly and require 100 Int to use an Ice Gauntlet, OPR and PvP is dead in 3 days.


PVP is very restrictive for new players so I don’t know how you dare say you’re saved.
You are obligated to do PVE if you want to do PVP, because from ilvl 500-600 and even at 615 you are crushed by players that take low damage and can give one shot.
Apart from that Faction War should have a wargame mode (war simulation) released at the beginning for all players to participate. That was AGS’ biggest mistake and OPR need balance in ilvl.


PvP is very far from saved. But they seem to be trying. Until the open world is more fun and alive, this game will always be niche.


If you think Arenas are going to be some miracle for PvP then you haven’t been watching AGS gut small-scale combat for the last 2 years of development.


I’m not sure about 3v3 arenas will save the pvp. Imagine there is only a one large dungeon(opr) and a very small dungeon(3v3 arena) for pve. Is this would be enough for you? Think about it with that way you will get my point

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Its funny actually talking about PvE but you only see my pov about PvP.

Off topic : Competition is needed and Arenas are the best idea for it. In future, everyone will enjoy it. Right now its a limitation for me as solo player to PvP ( Wars dosent exist for me as long as im not a faction member, OPR is always same with 3-4 ppl on me and cant fight 1v4, im not interested in Open World PvP ). Now i can play with my friends agaist other 3 players, fine for me. Idk why ppl despised Arenas, its just a small scalling PvP content nothing wrong . Maybe it was a bit far to say ,saved" i didnt talked about combat or other isusses, just from content view.


Same, it will be popular maybe for the meta slaves but anyone thats not playing IG, lifestaff, GA, BB will be excluded from it.


cross server queues both pvp and pve is something that will be needed, atleast for arenas and dungeon party finder coming soon.
servers with a player base of 300people will not be enough for only your server content.

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@Tonyo , On that note, here is a idea. How about making the game accessible. To more than just the No-Lifer-PvE Grinders, and the people who are just work from home and can play for 8+ hours a day grinding PvE gear to be a factor in PvP. I’m willing to bet that would bring back many players to the game. At the moment New World is just not accessible to many gamers. And that’s before we talk about the other pain points of the game.


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