PVP kill quest 10 instead of 5

When pvp happens on a populated server. The chance you will be fighting groups versus groups is higher. So if you wipe a group your pvp quest is ready for turn in. But who wants to stop pvp to turn in a pvp quest.

My suggestion is to either bump the number to 10 kills. Or have the option to have a 10 kill quest. Possibly buying it with faction points. But also having double the rewards. If that doesn’t work, when.you kill 5 you have an automatic turn in with s popup option to continue another 5 kill quest. You would be able to continue pvping without losing out on pvp fation points.

In fact it should have no limit and reward be based on number of kills when you give it back.
Its sad when you are 4/5 and you have to go dungon or do other stuff that does require to turn off pvp.

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