PVP - Loss of items

Again, you are just assuming that things will work in a certain way without thinking about a solution. Why do you think that you will respawn within the full loot pvp zone and continue fighting from there? It would make more sense if they have a settlement or similar near the border of the zone, and that is where you spawn after you die. Then you can fetch another set of weapon and armor from your storage and run out and fight again if you like.

Exactly that is why items will be more valuable with content like this. Less optimal / non best in slot items will actually matter… that is likely the items you will bring when entering this zone which makes both crafting and loot dropped other places more relevant.

ESO added a pvpve zone, it was a massive failure for many reasons. There needs to be strong incentive for people to want to go grind mats or whatever in a zone, that goes away with full loot mechanics. No one will want to bother emptying their bags beforehand and carrying around crap gear so they don’t lose their good stuff. It’ll flop hard on its face.

You can frame it however you want, but it’s not true that it wouldn’t hinder players smart enough to realize what a mistake it would be - it will require significant dev resources to make something like that viable, resources that could be spent on other awesome stuff like outpost rush, improving the framework for wars, adding even more new zones and dungeons, designing new weapons, etc. Not to mention fixing the laundry list of things broken right now, and likely will be broken for a long time + the new things that break for a game so recently launched. A full loot zone wouldn’t work without changes to the base game mechanics to make it viable, it’s a huge lift for something that would net little value. You’re entitled to your opinion that it would be fun and you’re entitled to ask for it, I’m entitled to be able to point out that it would be a disaster where as soon as you die once you can’t participate in this awesome new pvp zone because your weapon is now gone :rofl:

what about a high risk high reward area, that if you kill a player in that area you then gain gold for every minute they have been standing in there e.g 2-5 per minute?? So good resource rates etc, 1-3kms away from the nearest setttlement, the actual pvp zone has no town or outpost, and every 1 that goes in there flags up automatically and the longer you are standing in their the more gold you are worth, however again, this would probably cause inflation

and the idea stated above doesnt mean you will definitely lose your weapon, you will lose one piece of equipped gear, so you have 19 items of which one of them you could lose upon death.

Or as stated above, just have it so its a high resources area, however if you die you drop the resources

I mean, instead of knocking ideas back because it doesnt “suit your game style” of which will have no effect on your game style, maybe look for solutions to the current state of pvp?

And also it will give a purpose to all those green drops, you just salvage every time you raid. i mean that gear would be more than likely more often used for such an area where you might lose your items, intern increasing the value of those items, and stimulating the economy, and you save your good gear for your faction control and war pvp

I’ve said like 3 times a forced pvp zone would be awesome. It’s the full loot push that I see as a massive failure. Maybe because I’m older than I want to admit and have seen a number of mmo’s now, it’s crystal clear to me that the profitable player for game developers doesn’t want to have to spend insane amounts of hours just to stay relevant. People want to log on for a couple of hours when they get time and have fun. The dad or mom of 2 trying to game a bit at night isn’t going to want to maintain stockpiles of gear to accomodate a full loot mechanic. They aren’t going to want to spend 15 minutes sifting through bags because they pulled off an awesome 1v3, and then get killed 1 minute later and lose it all while they haven’t even decided which items to keep.

Other mechanics like you’re talking about with increased gold and such are much more likely to be successful. The incentive of a pvp zone should be to pvp, and you need high population to make that work or it’s dead and worthless. Full loot will turn off too many players even if the devs were able to make the mechanics somehow work with the current game. A new material drop exclusive to that zone that’s highly useful, increased gathering chance for legendary mats, increased gold, etc. - all of those things are far more attractive and likely to make a pvp zone successful. Another parting point before I dip, full loot will likely drive players to a tank meta that’s boring and stale. No thank you.

It is not actually as huge lift as you might think, all of the base components already exists, but of course it will not happen over night. That is not what we ask for either. They have a lot on their plate that needs to be prioritized first, but that does not mean we should not come with suggestions for future content we would like to see in this game.

That it would “net little value” you honestly know nothing about. It would be endless content for those who finds this interesting. I dare argue that there are a lot of players who are still playing RuneScape after all these years solely because of their full loot pvp zone.

There is no point arguing this with you to be honest. It seems like you do not even understand the concept based on your assumptions all the time.

Realistically if you want that experience of pvp just go play runescape, i very much doubt your vision to have such pvp mechanic here will ever happen. The are many other things that would need to change to make your dream come true.

I very much understand the concept, I just find your positions short-sighted and unrealistic. There are currently low and medium pop servers, it’s a problem. PVP zones need tons of players to be successful, or it dies. I’m sure there’s a small portion of the population that would love full loot, but the reality is that that percent is spread across all different servers and each respective zone on each server would be dead in the water. “Well what if we added it just for one server!?” - now you’re throwing valuable dev resources into something that only one or two servers would be able to sustain?

I still cant see how the idea of one area on the whole world map, dedicated to atleast 1 loss of item in the event of pvp, will be dead in the water, because people wont want to lose their gear… well then dont go there…, save some green gear if you want to test your luck, thats the point, its a choice, the original game design wasnt a choice, you were forced into full loot WORLD wide pvp, this is one area. essentially a massive high risk high reward arena in a way, and really if you were to go there and take a set of green gear that you got from your elite runs that you have to run 24/7 to get your gear score up anyway, you are not really risking much.

However you and a couple mates take that green gear, and get lucky and kill someone who “chooses” to risk more then its a bonus.

We arent saying we want to force people to go there, just have the incentive to go there and the incentive to pvp there, and also keep old gear relevant with the possibility of getting rid of new gear, or new gear shifting to other players.

Do you want a zone to pvp in, or a zone with increased gathering rates or whatever just to harvest? If the goal is a zone to pvp in, I feel strongly that most players wont want to lose gear, and if it’s anything but a high population server, it won’t have enough players to sustain the pvp part when you add in gear loss/destruction/full loot (and even then, those mechanics might cause the population to crater). If the goal isn’t a zone to pvp in and instead farm mats in, then it shouldn’t be sold as a big pvp gift.

Maybe I’m wrong, and it turns out to be some smash success. I think that’s highly unlikely, but either way, devs have much bigger fish to fry for at least the next few months, and if/when they do finally release a forced pvp zone, I wouldn’t want to handicap the chances of that being a success with full loot/gear loss mechanics that will drive players away.

Literally all your arguments are just based on assumptions made up by your own biased opinion and I have yet not seen one backed up by logic.

drive players away? then dont go to the zone?.. i mean its the same reason why not every one goes into the wilderness on games like runescape or the “red” zones on albion online. yet people can still continue the way they are playing, however it gives you both an incentive to farm mats quicker, gives more incentive to pvp, as people will be looking for both other pvpers and harvesters, and also gives another avenue of endless end game content.

There’s plenty of logic, and I’ve given examples. You just can’t seem to face the reality that your pipedream push for full loot would have huge drawbacks and might result in a massive failure.

I’ve said multiple times I might be wrong and things don’t play out how I suspect they will, but that’s the point of feedback, we don’t have years of statistical data in new world to argue with, all we have are our assumptions dude lol, so it’s hilarious that you point to that as if it’s some insightful flaw with the posts you disagree with. This isn’t the first time full loot has been discussed, check the tons of other threads and the overwhelming negative impressions of full loot from the playerbase participating in that feedback.

But yeah, nothing backed up by logic, you’re right, we’re all wrong. GG.

Can we use something like Albion as a variable here. Log into Albion right now, tell me, on both hand (or even one) how many players are in Black/Red Zones. I’ll wait.

albion online? currently has an average of 6.5-8k players which it has maintained for 2 years the last month it dropped by 1k, probably due to new world coming out. as for the red/black zones, i dont like the game personally due to the top down, mobile concept of the game.

on the other hand, did you ever play runescape in the 2005 - 2007 era?

You have mostly brought up arguments related to that things will not work because you think they need to be implemented in a certain way, when in fact they dont, and I have given you examples of solutions to that. Other than that you have assumed that people will not like it with statements such as “I feel strongly that most players wont want to lose gear” which to be honest you know nothing about. Obviously that is not going to be for everyone, but there might still be plenty of people who will enjoy it. I have also given reasons to why it would be a good thing for other aspects of the game outside of the fact that it incentives open world pvp that you just ignore. Mainly the fact that it will give sub optimal gear a value and make crafting and farming loot from other sources more relevant. If you do not have a lifecycle to the gear then these aspects of the game will die out once most people have best in slot gear. That is a huge problem.

I can not either say for certain that it will be a success, but that is up to the developers to decide and figure out if they wish to consider the ideas or not. We are here one the forums to provide feedback and give suggestions for things we want to see in this game and how they can be solved, you are here to tear them apart.

I have seen the topic been discussed before, yes, and there was a lot of possitive responses to that during the beta.

Eve online does full loot drop the best imo. I played eve for like, 12 years and did loads of. Solo pvp. First off, you shouldn’t be rolling around low or nullsec In a 10 bil ship. What is that an officer fit marauder lol? Well fit t3 cruisers are about 1b, which I solod in all the time. Second you can choose whether or not to risk in eve, and it takes 2 minutes to Rebuy everything and go out again. You can choose to lose a 50 mil, 100 mil, 300 mil, 500 mil, 1, 2b ship whenever you want. Making the money back isnt hard either. So I wouldn’t bash eve for this cause it’s still one of the best full loot drop mmos. If you were low skill points just specd into one ship as a highsec mission carebear (no offense) you shouldn’t be pvping anyways.

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Yeah, I can see the PvP zones, risk vs reward but I don’t see them implementing any kind of loot loss system.

Personally not against dropping loot in these zones, especially if its only resources and not equipment.

yeah, the advantage of equipment drop though is it will make green and blue gear actually worth something and perhaps even crafted gear, as obviously crafted gear is easier to obtain than a legendary drop

they have a zone like this in the elderscrollsonline and it is a bloody ghost town only over geared players ganking ppl all the time and no one go’s there anymore. they would have to make the reward for going there better than the risk of being farmed by a group of say 5 players all night and some how do it without breaking the economy… so gl with that