PvP lovers need rewards!

I think as an PvP maniac, I can speak for all the PvP lovers, that the open World PvP needs some sort of rewards! let it just be the sort of ,Fame’’ or ,Reputation’’ or even a ,Title’’ you can GRIND/Unlock just by doing open World PvP. Because for now… open World PvP gives me as a lvl 60 with his main Weapons maxed out absolutely NOTHING. I have PvP enabled since launch day and there was less PvP every day. I mean I see maybe 1 or 2 people with PvP enabled, and when i see someone with it, i get excited like a 5 year old at Christmas… Well let me know what you think a bout it. You with me or not? Good Day :slight_smile:

I think that’s right to have good rewards such as a little gold or maybe some herbs to make health potion but it’s the beginning so i think it’s early to talk about these things let’s maybe think over that after a months or more idk but have fun in the game

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