PvP luck change is pointless

I’ve never not been flagged and almost entirely play PvP based games. That being said, there is no point in incentivizing people to flag. There are a few outcomes of this;

  1. PvE players feel alienated. They shouldn’t, but they will and that will turn them away from the game.

  2. They reluctantly flag and then just get farmed, get frustrated, then get turned away from the game.

  3. There is a VERY small chance they flag and ending up finding out they like PvP. This is going to be a very small part of the population though.

The reward for PvP is well…winning fights. If people want to PvP they will PvP, if not they won’t. PvPing IS the incentive, there should be no extra. Not even xp honestly. At the most they could add in some kind of cosmetic rewards for it. Armor skins or dyes you can only get through PvP means. Non-game impacting rewards should be the only “incentives”. Personally I find no fun in PvPing with someone who has no interest to actually try. At that point it’s no different than just farming mobs in PvE


Ah yes, the “do nothing” lobby. No suggestion made, just guessing that the changes will not matter.


I made a suggestion. Did you read the post or just knee jerk reply? I suggested they make pvp “rewards” cosmetic only.


Despite the many posts on the subject asking for better incentive for PvP? They finally give people something they have been asking for and we have a handful of Nostradamus who “know” it won’t work.


You literally said, “There should be no extra incentive! Here is what the extra incentive should be!”

Don’t be surprised when you are dismissed out of hand, you can’t even keep your own point streight.


“The reward for PvP is well…winning fights.” No. Theres supposed to be risk and reward when pvping. Right now there is alot of risk, but not much reward which is why barely anyone is flagged. If you dont want the risk then you dont have to flag.


I mean…its not pointless. If you weren’t flagging before ever, you probably still won’t. The change isn’t for them, the change is for PVPers who started to turn off flagging because the risk/reward wasn’t there when farming outdoors for water mark. Now there is a little extra reward when water mark farming as a pvper who WANTED to turn on their flag, but didn’t see the point in risking getting cucked by a zerg because there was no incentive.


My bad, I admit I did not see that part of the post. It seems like luck is something that you personally dont care about, but many people definetely do. Paired with the change in pvp kills increasing watermark, the change actually intergrates with existing game systems in a positive way.

Your suggested free cosmetics for pvp kills… is asking them to add some kind of system to track that, create new content or make content they charge for free if you pvp…

By this logic, dungeon running should be its own reward and all loot should be removed from dungeons.

Many PvP players (yourself excluded) like to see some reward for their time spent, some way to measure progress in the broader scope of the MMORPG. On that front, many PvP players are not different from PvE players; They like to see their time investment acknowledged by the game.

While ultimately I do agree that adding a % luck bonus to flagging is a bit of a band-aid, it does help with the current situation where PvP players feel forced to unflag in order to retain optimal watermark progression. So this luck bonus is going to help bridge the gap until dedicated open world PvP content and rewards are added, aimed at the actual act of PvPing.


What is the reward for winning other pvp games? Football, Chess, League of Legends, Overwatch. There is none, other than maybe some nice cosmetics and bragging rights. (This of course is excluding professional play, which does not apply in this case) PvP should be rewarding by virtue of what it is, it shouldn’t take motivating to get people to play it. Either they like it and play it, or they don’t like it and don’t.

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Football? Chess?

I’m scared to ask what games you were playing before you started new world if you have such crazy opinions.

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You’re wrong.

This is the perfect incentive to get non-flagged people flagged.

Already Flagged people: “Yay! I can get better drops while doing what i enjoy!”

Not Flagged People: “Hmmm, this may be worth flagging… better loot. hell ya!”

Newly Flagged People: “Well, i die more often, but i get to keep all my loot. Worth it!”

The flagged get more pvp content, which was a complaint.
The flagged claimed not enough people flag up, also a complaint.
The unflagged stated that theres not enough incentive to flag, complaint.

Now we have a reason to flag, and more flagged people pvp’ing.

If you dont see how this is the correct approach and will fix numerous issues in one go… the problem isnt the mentioned “fix”, but more likely you.


It’s not pointless coz it will be much harder (and interesting) to use that mechanic. Competition for rare resources will be already higher!

All those games you mentioned arent mmorpg games and only have the option to pvp.


I am okay with PvP players not getting any extra incentives outside of a cool cosmetic if PvE players do not get any extra incentives from the PvP players work, like fort captures.

For instance PvP players get PvE Players benefits currently they don’t deserve:

  • First Light: Reduces fast travel weight costs of weight down to 1 azoth per 10 weight for controlling faction.
  • Monarchs Bluff: Reduces fast travel distance costs to 1 azoth per 100 meters for controlling faction.
  • Windsward: Increases volume of items gained when gathering by 10% for controlling faction.
  • Everfall: Reduces trading taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Brightwood: Reduces housing taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Cutlass Keys: Reduces base Azoth cost of fast travel by 50% for controlling faction.
  • Weavers Fen: Increases coin, experience, territory standing and faction token rewards from Faction Missions by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Restless Shore: Increases coins, experience, and faction token rewards from Corrupted Breaches by 5% for the controlling faction.
  • Morningdale: Increases coin and experience rewards from Expeditions by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Ebonscale Reach: Reduces refining taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Reekwater: Reduces crafting taxes by 5% for controlling faction.

If you can agree PvE players do not deserve any of this, then sure, PvP players do not deserve anything additional outside of a cool cosmetic and we should remove these benefits from unflagged players.

Reference: Ice Bound | New World


Personally, I’d definitely run with PvP on for the luck bonus. I’d obviously judge if +5% is worth the repair and walking costs and either continue or stop flagging accordingly.

The real problem, IMO, is that AGS should instead be worrying much more about fixing the bugs in order to make PvP a fair experience (it’s absolutely not fair at all - duplicated voidbent sets and glitched weapons prevent it from being fair). Only after the main bugs are fixed they should start trying to get people to PvP through other incentives. An unglitched, fair experience would be incentive enough at this moment.

You’re not correct there. In other IRL games there’s no on/off switch for PvP

GW2, Smite, LoL, Overwatch, Apex, things like that. For what its worth.

Your opinion is valid but you are wrong in how you believe it applies to everyone.

I farm a lot, a lot. Sometimes I flag before heading out, depending on how I feel. If the bonus luck is meaningful, like 10-15% bonus to all types of luck, then I doubt I’ll ever not flag.

The bonus luck also helps mitigate the issue some people probably have of their farming gear not being the best fighting gear. Getting full mining luck, for example, requires me to use a full mining set of gear. If I can get the same amount of extra luck without having to wear sub optimal gear then more the better.


You also don’t see chess players stab each other during a match either.