Pvp luck is great, but currently too much

as someone who plays 100% of the game pvp flagged, i feel that the pvp luck at 30% is too much.

the amount of legendary items i have been getting is too much. i went the entire game with 0 legendary items and since the increase of luck i have a bank full of gold items.

i like seeing more pvp flagged players, but there has to be a middle ground or some other way cuz these legendary items should be harder to get than they currently are.

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but if I don’t drop I need to pay for a legendary item, what are you saying

If it’s too much just go and play game with pvp off


whats the point opf having something like void ore have a drop rate of 0.0045% become 6% just by being flagged with no luck gear or trophoes? whats the point in having gear or trophies if u can just flag, and the people wont be paying 7k gold for something they can get themselves 5% of the time if flagged

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that makes 0 sense, and doesnt address the issue of there being thousands and thousands of legendary items traded and soldf as if they were common and not legendary

Just kid things like that , they should remove that buff from flag on , other way they should remove orb from dungeons to , dont speak nonsense.

The reward of pvp should be in any npc to get with pvp point and that pvp point earn by doing pvp stuff like warr/open world pvp/opr and etc… , not to be in mining.

They tried to fix a flood with scotch tape, and that’s what you get. You got what you asked more people running flagged on, but how many gave you a good match? Doesn’t matter to me since I never flag on, I’m just pointing out that this change is hurting both communities, pve and pvp and will ruin everyone’s experience on the long run.

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is this a troll post?
im literaly running %55 luck wtih pvp on and im getting grays and flawed diamonds from elite chests


Sir, can I know where your math is coming from lmao

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Are u for rl? Did u even think what will be happen when they merge low population server to high pop/ or let people transfer? Or u dont even use ur brain?

Ah yes. 0.0045 +30% is 6. That’s how numbers work. Very reasonable and intellectually honest.

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Can I have some of what you’re smoking to bring me to the realm where I have a 6% chance of getting void ore. I wanna play there.

Who ever get something about this buff will complain or do blabla to who do react about this buff, that is funny people dont care about everyone , they just think about thier benefit

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At least you’re not getting iron arrows :). I’m at 29.7% with 3 trophies. Also can you type exactly how you’re 55%? like 2.8 * 3 bags, 2.8 * 5 armor pieces, etc.

meanwhile shroud runs 18 times Genesis/Lazarus flagged/unflagged gets nothing. LOL

I think people wana forget what is rare ,they want free farm in during night when nobody is online to bother them in flag on to gater all mining node then they feel , they are pvp player

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flagging doesn’t work inside expeditions

Cool. The New World devs have payed economists that monitor wealth in game. They monitor backend wealth we can’t see and balance it accordingly.

What are you basing your numbers off again? ‘Feeling’? Well, color me convinced. Very compelling argument.

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3.3x5= %16.5 luck from voidbent set with pearls
2.8x3= %8.4 luck from luck bags
3.3x3= %9.9 luck from pearl jewelry
%2.8 luck from shield
%2.3 luck from gravebreaker sword
%3.3 luck from new luck hammer farmable at priests
%10 luck from open pvp
%1.5 luck from 3 minor loot trophys
%54.7 total luck
i legit use %0 luck gear now to enter dungeons or farm chests and i have much better results now