PvP Luck Punishes Small Factions

So I get where there is PvP luck. AGS wants to give a reward for flagging in open world and instigate more fights/adventure. Plus the luck offsets the increased risk of dying from PvP fights. Ok that’s cool but there’s an indirect effect on the general population - smaller factions are punished by having reduced luck.

So our company of 50 can field about 5 lvl 60s a night (lots of underleveled players and inactives). We are Covenant on Trapalanda and Covenant was 10% of the server last we heard (maybe as high as 20% but still a minority). Purple can put together a huge zerg and has a few full or nearly full companies. Our company decided last night that we’d try running Elite zones with PvP on so we could get the increased luck. We had a 5-man group. Myrkgard seemed out of the question with the buffed elites - same with mines. So we decided to hit up Sirens. We started running it and got roflstomped by a purple zerg of 20-30. Not to be deterred, we went to the other end of Sirens to bypass the zerg. They sent scouts running through the zone and then found us and stomped us again.

Alright, well we still wanted to run an elite zone so we figured Dynasty was a good one. Opposite end of the map so we shouldn’t have to worry about the purple zerg. We get about 15 NPCs in and get stomped by another purple company running 10-15 people through the zone in PvP.

This probably isn’t the intention but PvP luck on PvE rewards big companies and factions that can put together larger zergs and punishes smaller companies/factions that can only put together 1-2 teams. I don’t think this is the intention of the luck issue. I’m not sure what the fix is. Maybe make a few Elite zones sanctuaries so PvP is off in the area and they can be havens for smaller groups? As someone in a smaller company and on a smaller faction, it already sucked having a disadvantage in numbers but to see the big zerg faction also get a bonus in luck really sucks. Just my $0.02.


They simply did not think this through. Entire faction system right now is simply broken.

  1. They allow players to join the biggest faction
  2. They do not moderate amount of people in each faction.
  3. There is no reason to be in smaller faction since entire game is way harder for no reason due to azoth limit
  4. And as you said, smaller factions get stomped, people transfer out to other servers where their faction dominates. Nobody flags.
  5. Biggest faction gets even bigger advantage.

My server was balanced, Some Maruder factions joined our server from Syndicate dominated server. Basically, entire server is now green.

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Thanks for posting this. Your dynamics on this are correct that it favors the largest zerg/company/faction.

What’s frustrating about this to me from a design perspective is there is no equilibrium counterbalance to favor the underdog and keep 3 factions viable. This is the same with azoth cost and many other aspects of the game. It’s just easier to roll with the winning side (and then xfer to a different server if you get bored).

One easy incentive would be to as follows:

  • Watermark stuff drops ‘chits’ or something during gearscoring stuff if you’re flagged up.
  • They do NOT drop on your death
  • They are sellable to a faction vendor to exchange for items that increase end-game crafting, expedition orbs, otehr things of value
  • The exchange rate is inversely proportional to faction populations currently flagged (and overall population). The underdog gets a higher exchange rate to encourage both flagging and being the underdog.

It doesn’t have to be this. But common sense stuff like this just doesn’t exist in New World. And that’s unfortunate.

(Would this explicitly help with your problem? Not immediately. Btw, I’m sure you’re about to have some toll respond git-gud, that’s the way the game was designed, etc.)

Thanks for posting.

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i think merges will help with this issue, i think its fine.

Morning @ragar200

I think merges will indeed temporarily help this issue, but it’s a band-aid and not fine. They need structural reasons within the game to maintain faction balance, and they do not exist right now.

Preventing someone from joining the dominant faction isn’t the same as incentivizing the underdog.

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