PvP Mission Issue

When taking faction pvp missions, if you complete one or two successfully, but die to a player before turning them in (say, you’re on the third mission), the two completed missions disappear.

Not sure if this is a bug, or by design. But it incentivizes leaving pvp area on the map to turn in, then return. Or, it incentivizes only taking one pvp mission at a time. This is inefficient and results in more travel for the player.

they should auto complete the moment they are done, and be accepted again like GW2 heart systems. The risk of dying is not enough. If i am the least popular faction, and forced out, i should be getting a 150-200% increase to exp for being flagged, that is only way i would ever consider it

This is by design. You have to make it back safely to turn them in for influence. Other players are supposed to kill you to stop you from gaining that influence, that’s why they fail if you die, because that’s how the defenders can defend their territory.

Having them auto complete would be bad because it would just promote camping harder than now.


Gotcha, ty. Just found out it’s if you die, period. So no point in doing side quests on the way to pvp quest area. I don’t mind the penalty, but when the pvp quests are at the far side of the zone with no fast travel - not only can you not consolidate your actions, but you’re risking a lot of travel time for 0 return. At the very least, they could make the pvp failure require the player die via pvp.

I think the issue is if the requirement was PvP only death, players would purposefully let themselves be killed by mobs so they could get an easy teleport back to town for a safer turn in. That’s why it’s any death.

As it is right now it’s really the only way it can work until they redesign the PvP systems. While I think it’s necessary in it’s current form, it’s also not fun and just promotes avoiding PvP instead of seeking it out. Especially with how easy it can be to run away.

Yep, you’re right. That would be exploited. Something’s needed for sure though. I think maybe this system makes more sense from an end-game only perspective.

If you make it back the set of 3 gives about 30 gold which is pretty decent for the amount of time it takes to complete if you complete them

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