PVP missions failing when already completed is ridiculous

I ran into a scenario where I completed 3 PVP missions (spent about an hour on them), died after the missions were already completed, and then had the missions fail because I respawned. This is absurd. I already did the missions. Did I not put the thing in the box because I traveled after the fact? What does the fact that I died have to do with what I did 10 minutes prior? I understand that flagging for PVP comes with certain risks, but this is complete BS. I spent over an hour on this. It’s 2021. Respect people’s time. It’s ridiculous that you can fail an already completed mission.

Actually its fine because it help the defenders to slow down the enemy progression to declare war. People will just ignore combat and sneak around to do quests, die, turn it in anyway and declare war.

Dont wanna make it too easy now do we.


I agree with @Crypt. I did 3 PvP missions last night and had no idea getting killed would fail them. I was slightly annoyed of course but I was like actually this makes sense. It also makes it a bit more fun as it adds risk, as well as incentivized me to go out and ask people if I can join them for PvP missions so i wasn’t alone.

It’s a pretty trash feature but have you tried just not dying?
Anyway jokes aside, just do the missions with friends.

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