PvP Missions need improving! This should be a priority!

POV: Returning player, lvl 47 currently.

First off thank you for listening to the community and making the changes you have. The game is much, much better now. Removing orbs was what brought me back :pray:

I remember how embarrasingly bad PvP missions used to be (go here hunt 10 turkeys), they are not much better now.

The other night I witnessed about 30 of us on Fae (Cov) run a train of players back and forth in Restless Shore, down the beach on the same PvP mission to “retrieve and deliver ancient texts”.

This should of been awesome, that many players, but it just looked so lame. No immersion what so ever. I’m like “why do they need these ancient texts so many times, did they lose the first lot I delivered?”

Also, no-one is talking, no-one is fighting, we saw one red Marauder who stumbled in and got wrecked. 30 players doing PvP missions and it was a non-immersive snooze-fest.

please put some actual thought into PvP missions and open world.

No one bothered to run the other missions as this was faster. Plus ‘run all the way here and run back again’ is a lame mechanic, especially with nothing interesting along the way.

Can we please come up with some suggestions


Wouldnt it be great if PvP missions involved PvP!

I dream of this


Do what they did in great cleave, but just rotate zones. And then make the missions a little better…

Also think it would be cool to have a “tag” system. So you kill who is it and then become it. See how long you can survive. :slight_smile:

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Current pvp missions are horrible.

I’ve done so so…SO many.

It’s bad when it’s efficient to suicide and respawn at a tent to run WF missions.

I hate the current system so much. Especially when a faction can run down whatever progress you made, if you don’t manage to finish pushing.

Best way being to make a friend out of a couple companies, and have them help you run missions in return you help them.

Hate it…

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Open world pvp lives off of new players joining the game and older players creating alternate characters. New World of course doesn’t let you create alts and due to it’s constantly respec design decision, there wouldn’t be a reason to create an alt anyways. You might be able to counter that with proper pvp scaling to even the playing field with max level players but they threw that out the window. Then the game isn’t popular enough to draw in new players. Thus open world pvp is dead unless you are max level and even then it’s still dead if your server is unbalanced. Zergs are garbage pvp and nobody cares enough to waste their time just to have a zerg vs zerg shitty pvp experience. You’ll need to just delete your character and start over on the fresh start servers if you want some pvp again.

I’m not sure that the missions themselves are such a bad idea, but the incentives sometimes seem to ruin any potential to generate PvP.

For instance, if you’re 30 people pushing a territory, no small groups are gonna go out and attempt to fight you because they’ll just get run over, but the owners of that territory might not even want to get a defense going because they’d rather fight the resulting war than run missions anyway, so the company that should have the most motivation to get large enough numbers out is still not interested in doing so.

I’ve also noticed problems when it’s just random people running missions for something to do. The problem in these cases is that, once a mission is complete and just needs to be turned in, people seem very uninterested in engaging in combat because they don’t wanna risk dying and having to redo the mission, so if you try to engage someone, you just end up chasing them forever because it’s incredibly easy to run from a fight if you’re really not interested in fighting in NW.

I’d be happy to see something change, but the actual mechanics of PvP missions don’t seem like the thing that needs to be changed. If rewards and incentives were reworked in some way, I think that would be much more impactful for making PvP missions fun, although I really have no suggestions at all for what that would look like.

This in an interesting idea

That is indeed a big problem for the current mechanic, and a big reason it needs addressing.

These are all really good points.

You are right that having missions to do in PvP mode is not inherently a bad idea, but they have been executred very badly, they are what I would consider a barely viable MVP for PvP gameplay loop, it’s very low effort thinking in my humble opinion.

You are also right that there is little incentive to engage, for fear of death and losing those tokens.

Rewards and incentives are the key you are right, also the way the encourage people to engage. hmmm

Imagine if they brought back the meteor idea… It drops out of the sky, shows up on the map, and the first person to loot it is “it” … And they are now flagged for PvP. When you’re killed, the person who killed you is “it” … Can’t fast travel, can’t leave the zone. The longer you are it, the better the reward. Stuff like this would be cool.


Actually I had an idea.

Imagine this:

Context for the mission:
You are delivering ‘war chests’ to the war camp as the attacking faction. (Supplies for the front-line).

Objective (while PvP flagged):

  • Take your ‘chest’ which is an item in your inventory, which you cannot open to the war camp.
  • On successful delivery of your chest, you can open it (the key is at the war camp), you then get a random set of drops, weapons, coins etc.


  • These war chests can be intercepted by the enemy, they drop on death. Defenders can pick them up and in turn return them at their fort, stealing the loot.

Encouragement for group play and comms:
You can chose 3 types of chest to deliver.

  • Small : You can do this solo, average-to-good loot drops. Small faction XP gain, small faction influence gain.
  • Medium: Requires a party of 2-3 people to deliver. Excellent loot drops and influence/XP gains.
  • Large: Requires a party of 5 people to deliver. Amazing drops etc.

Encouragement for enemy faction:

  • If you chose to deliver a medium or a large war chest, the enemy is alerted to your activities. And you show up on the map when in range.
  • Medium chests require you to be quite close to pop up on the map.
  • Large chests and you are very visible on the map (basically you just need to be in the same zone).

I feel this would be something I wouldn’t remind repeating, it makes sense that War supplies need constant deliveries and the rewards make it worth it, a bit like repeating a dungeon and the size of the chests / parties works a little like a mutation.

@Luxendra - can we please get some input as to weather updating and improving PvP missions is on the current dev agenda? Do they even consider this an issue?

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This is actually a really cool idea! Just having random PvP events that spawn in the world would be SUCH an improvement…

I am going to bump this every single day until someone from AGS acknowledges that they are at least aware that the current iteration of PvP missions are not up to standard, and they are doing something about it.

Open World PvP is currently rubbish. Just because people are engaging with it doesn’t mean they enjoy it, it is the fastest way to influence territory, it is the pre-cursor to the most important feature of the game, Wars.

And it sucks.

Another day and another bump.

Am I really supposed to believe no-ones give a shit about the current state of PvP missions?

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