PVP needs to be activate in non-starting zones

I think this game would benefit so much more from having forced PVP in higher zones. 45+ like great cleave and edengrove and ebonscale reach and so on.

I personally hate PVP but i don’t mind it. This is a PVP-based game and we all are getting gear and weapons and weapons leveled for what? some 66 Gold mob that a group of 50 (all factions) can just spam down with life staff. You need to feel the thrill of getting ganked while doing elite zones and then randomly coming up to the opposing faction clearing the zone and claiming that zone by PVP’ing them own the Elite Zones because you are killing them in a PVP-Based game and telling them that its your time to farm here now.

The point i am trying to make is PVP is unnoticeable on all servers (low to high cap). I watched a PVP stream for 6 hours and he got into maybe 5 fights during the entire stream that were close on a highly populated server.
We need more PVP in a PVP-based MMORPG. Territories should mean something and not just be colors on our map. Faction should mean something not just colors. I don’t want the opposing faction to advance in their progression as much as ours by joining us in a dungeon or group to fight corrupted portals or elite mobs.

If this game was more like the game is designed to be then maybe people would enjoy it more. idc about all the imbalances all that can be fixed after.

PVP-enabled in 40+ zones needs to happen if you don’t want players to quit because this game feels lifeless it feels like i am playing a Solo Adventure game with friends instead of an Open world PVP-MMORPG game.
Description says: “Explore a thrilling, open-world MMO filled with danger and opportunity where you’ll forge a new destiny on the supernatural island of Aeternum.”

There is no thrilling there is no danger and definitely opportunity feels like it’s there to take for free there is no cost and we are not forging any destiny here but tuning orbs.

Hope you fix the PVP aspect of the game and bring life back to a game that currently feels like holding hands with the enemies and running through a field of daisies.


so what youre saying is that a str based pvp char shouldnt be able to go put harvest/skinning/logging gear on and farm without getting screwed ?


The Elite Areas should force flag you. We had yesterday the issue that a Rainbowgrp followed us grinding im Shattered Mountains just to eff with us cause they can.

Enforcing PVP will never carry the result you wish for.


What are you trying to farm? You can still farm all ressources in safezones. but if you want orichalcum and such time to get ready to fight better have your mining and combat gear with you if you want to min max it.


We are not enforcing PVP on new players or even players that no where near endgame. I want force pvp for zones of 40+ and such. Yes most people don’t like PVP but look at albion online people who are still playing enjoy it because to get the rare ressources you are forced to pvp / run for your life. It feels good to get away with some ressource that is worth couple hundred gold each and even if you die you keep your ressources there is no loss on death yet. You keep everything all you are losing is like 50 weapon parts and 100g.



Forcing PvP on a vast portion of the playerbase is suicidal for the game. NW is not a PvP only game it is a mixed PvP/PvE environment, forcing everyone to PvP (which is what you are suggesting) will lead to many players leaving in droves. The servers will get less populated, AGS will have to merge servers and the cycle rinse and repeats, this games NEEDS both PvP AND PvE players.

I get that the hardcore PvP’ers want to PvP, it’s what they enjoy, if that’s the case go play Last Oasis or Rust, or any other PvP only game. When NW was PvP in the alpha it was a cesspit of griefers and zergs, that’s why AGS changed direction.

Now I agree there should be PvP in a faction controlled game, but there is a section of the PvP base that “enjoys” zerging solo’s and small groups with 20+ zerg trains, it’s those that ruin it for the majority of the PvP player base. Just ask anyoen who has played Last Oasis, that started off great then the zergs started and players had months of progress wiped, the message from the PvP’ers was “if you don’t like it, go play another game”, guess what, players did, that game crashed from tens of thousands of players online across hundreds of oasis to a couple of thousand and a few oasis, with the hardcore saying the “devs messed up”. No, the players messed it up because a small minority ruined it for the majority.

So there needs to be more PvP options, battlegrounds, arena’s for those hardcore players that want to show their skills, reward with nice skins for armour and weapons, maybe some housing items. But do not lock a portion of the world behind PvP flagging, that’s is beyond stupid.



Perfect way to show that you are trying to go undercover :rofl:

Stop trying to claw back the failed pvp-game NewWorld tried to be in the beginning.
There is no “PVE grieving PVP” there is only frustrated PVP-players because they can’t grieve PVE-Players! It’s a sad sad one way street!


You don’t own that area, why are you playing an MMORPG if you don’t like sharing??


This is the exact problem, “griefing because they can”… this mentality is just beyond me.

Locking higher zones behind PvP flagging is just plain stupid, this game will die if a large portion of the playerbase (yes there is a large portion that does not like PvP) will leave and the game will crash.

NW currently has the playerbase because it is a MIXED PvP/PvE game, AGS should not cater to the minority. If you think the PvP’ers are the majority then just ask yourself why are all these threads asking for forced PvP? Is it because people don’t want to be griefed when just levelling or playing the game they paid for? The reason you PvP’ers are finding it hard to PvP in the open world is that most players simply do not want to PvP in the open world.

Stop forcing players do things they clearly do not want to do, and please don’t be ignorant and suggest they go play another game, because all that will happen is that your threads will turn to “where did the all the players go?” as you login to empty servers.

The PvP’ers need the PvE’ers and the PvE’ers need the PvP’ers… please stop trying to force players to do something they clearly do not want to do.



No thanks you. I won’t play a game with forced PvP.


Did you read what i wrote? Nvm. There is plenty of space and we took 1 route from several. Why do people always assume the wirst? No we dint own the place bzt if theres to many people hitting the same Elites it does eff with the loot

First: writing whole words and sentences usually improves communication.
Second: usually elite areas have one optimal route, so don’t blame the players, blame the developers!

No i dont need it.

People attack and influence multiple regions everyday von my Server and do fight die the Fort.
Allday 1-2 Wars for cities.
I dont know why this isnt noticable on your Server.

The Game is designed the way it is and many enjoy it.
Afaik it was turned into more PvE and no forced PvP to make it enjoyable for more Players.
Forced PvP would make the game enjoyable for less people than now.

Try better next time.
O wait dont try again, its so lousy and dumb, spare us some time.


So its ok do be a douche and simply blame the devs for it ok

Its the same in everygame with crafting and ressource gathering. So yes, blame the devs for putting up fixed nodes.
But you wont ever get forced PVP in a game that offers both aspects of MMO play.

Sadly. So Factions mean nothing. :sleepy:

War, War will never change, not even in the 41st millenium. There is only War.
So it is in this game. PVP is War.

Running around unflagged isnt war. And doing purple yellow freen groups ia disgusting

It may be, you had a bad experience, but the way you wrote it, you made it seem, the problem was someone wanting to farm a certain area at the same time.
What a normal person/group would do, is simply share the loot, because you don’t end up with just half the loot, but more, since you can kill mods faster. If your own group was already so big, that the re spawn rate can’t keep up, it should be hard for a new group to get anything, but if not, it seems to me, you’re not at the point, were respawn rate can’t keep up, yet.
Another choice would be, to split up, half your group shares this spot, the other half looks for another area.
The way i see it, the problem is part stubbornness on your side and part server overpopulation! And the last part should maybe be your issue! Since overpopulation destroys immersion and gameplay, just so PVP-players might have more fun, since they are so rare.