PvP (New/returning players) + Faction gear / Crafting

I got 2 friends who briefly tried out NW during the first week after release.

They love the idea of the 3v3 arena, but i can’t convince them to come back because they have to grind for several hundred hrs before they can have fun in PvP in this game.

They are both somewhat casual, and if you only play 2-3 hrs every second day, then it takes more than a month before your gear is decent enough to have just a little fun in PvP.
(This needs to be fixed. There are so many potential players out there, that just can’t be bothered about a mindless loooong grind, just to be allowed to have fun and play properly)

Faction gear could be GS 590, but only be “purple”, meaning that end-game crafting could still be important, if the RNG was fixed.

This way you both welcome new/returning players + You “fix” the crafting aspect and let everyone have more fun than now.
It would also help fixing the economy!

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