PVP-Only server won't provide quality PVP (And a suggestion on how to actually do so)

Lots of people are asking for PvP-only servers where everyone is flagged. Stop. The quality of PvP on such a server would be terrible. In addition, many PvE players that help drive the economy would never play there, and the server itself would be a disaster.

Do you want good quality, organic open-world PvP? Then let’s visit a page in the playbook of an old MMO called Ultima Online. What’s Ultima Online you ask? It was a massively successful MMO that came out in the late 90s, which implemented systems far ahead of its time - including arguably the best, organic open-world PvP of any MMO to date.

So - how’d they do it?
Ultima Online divided regions of the world. In some regions, you could only PvP if you were flagged. In others, everyone was forced to be flagged. The real secret here was providing incentive to travel to the PvP-forced areas. They did so by offering a special, game-necessary resource ONLY in that area, as well as double resource nodes.

Think Umbral shards. Imagine if they ONLY dropped in a PvP-forced area. That means folks would flock to the area to fight for the resources. PvPers get fantastic, organic PvP. And PvE players who don’t want to PvP can purchase the resource for the market rate on the AH.

Let’s apply this to New World. Say Umbral shards only dropped in certain regions where PvP was forced. In addition, each resource node in the area dropped 2x resources (orichalcum, firewire, etc). Since everyone needs Umbral shards to progress to end-game, masses of people would be pulled to the area to try and get them for themselves, or to sell for a lucrative fee. Others would try to sneak in to mine precious resources for crafting. It would be a PvP hotbed with regular action and rewarding drops. Drops? Yes - because any resource or Umbral shard that a player is carrying would drop as loot while in this area upon death. It would be pointless if you killed a boss and got shards, only to happily let someone kill you so you could respawn with the shards in a safe town. High risk, high reward. And incentive players to hunt people down.


  • you wouldn’t be able to recall/fast travel in or out of such a region unless you make it to a city
  • anyone would be able to attack anyone (except guildies), regardless of them being in the same faction as you

Some select regions should offer game-necessary resources ONLY in select regions where anyone can attack anyone, as well as double resource nodes. Any such resource carried by a player should drop as loot upon that player’s death while in that area.

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only if the pvp is balanced.
in open world pvp, nothing is more broken than hitscan musket, auto targeting/tab targeting/iframe ignoring lifestaff heals.

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Great ideas.

There are 2 solutions:

  1. You make pvp only regions where you put more resources. Risk=More reward

  2. You use pvp flag to add buff to players using it. We have now buff but its not the way it should be. If buff would give +50% to gatherd resouces or so, more ppl would take the risk.

And to make open world pvp you use forts. Since wars are instanced now, there is no fort locking. So now its an option to lock for for 1-2h after its being captured. When fort in lock mode - it should generate influence to clan that did biggest % of capture progress.

This way you have single player pvp on nodes. And mass pvp where whole clans/factions clash every 1-2h.

And yes, pvp only servers do not work. Economy does not work. What is better even pvp modes does not work. Since ppl do queue only full groups. So less players in queue = longer wait time. Small groups or solo pvp is dead.

PvP only servers mean no one is being ‘forced’ to PvP… which is an absurd concept anyway… but then there’s no reason for the usual hardcore PvP haters to whinge (or so you would think).

You’re right, and that’s exactly why I am an advocate for PvP-only servers. We need the very vocal PvP minority to learn a lesson.

But, the rest of your post, it sucks. I can’t overstate how tired I am of the advocates for forced PvP flagging. You want to PvP, go PvP. Stop trying to force it on everyone else.

What if you could transfer to and from a PVP server, with only what you could carry, unless of course you choose to set all your houses there permanently?

Most hard core pvpers do not care about the economy. Who cares if the economy is good when they ahve the gear for pvp and dont need anything other than apoth for PvP? I can agree that certain regions where you can flag down would be good but I doubt they will do this. Full PvP servers would be much better though.

Could so not agree more. :slight_smile:

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