PvP Oustpost Rush queues are insanely boring nowdays

People are not queing because they are quitting.

The devs are not listening to feedback at all.


It will probably take months before they consider making OPR matches cross-server (unfortunate).

The other issue with OPR matches is that even if it pops at 32, the teams are severely imbalanced. Sometimes it’ll be like 13v19 at start…

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This is just another sign of the dying game, unfortunately the huge bot population cannot play OPR with us

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An easy fix would be to make server clusters where a bunch of servers close to each other (coz of lags) would have cross-queue.

Bots are playing OPR. Check out YouTube and you’ll see proof.

By actually making it fun.
Such as not having to contend with PvP cheaters and exploiters once you’re in a match.

A lot of the legit PvP players left in the first couple of weeks when exploiters used lag to win Wars and capture Settlements; and when PvP cheaters just wiggled their windows to get invincibility. AGS didn’t address that properly there’s no point for them to stick around.
There’s literally been a new cheat or exploit every week in PvP and people stream how to do it.
They don’t even have to fight you – since Beta they have used mass reporting to just ban you.
All the PvP now is cheaters raping everyone else.

And people wonder why PvP modes started dying from day one.

If AGS doesn’t want to delete PvP, they can just let it die off normally and with it RMTwill go away when their client base is gone.

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It would be fine to host an esport tournament in nw…

Lol, just imagine the shame.

listen the yelling commentators:
“Now blues are preparing for mage mass lag server spam, and hell yeah there we go, they cap and the opponent is in huge lag cant do anything oh yeah blue team wins insane match…”


People won’t play on my server because it isn’t fun with all of its current issues. Once in a blue moon you get a decent match. Other times it’s just one side rolling the other and spawn camping. Many times, the other team is comprised of all members from the same company. Like four five-mans from the same company. Meanwhile, my team seems to always be the leftovers. We’ve tried making groups, but always seem to be put on opposite teams. Not sure what’s going on. I queued fours times yesterday and every time, the opposing team was one company.

I dont need proofs, i believe everything bad that is said about this game

Every game breaking bug took at least one month to resolve

I think the amount of people required to start the game should be lowered to possibly 20-30 range. Also cross world opr if not.

Fortunately our server (Midian) has quite frequency of games, but it is thinning out.

Waiting to play a game.


They dont care about PvP thats why there is no new content released for it yet and the current content is laggy bugged out with people exploiting it to hell

Ironic considering i came to this game from ESO hoping to find PvP Also on Ferri as some of the other people here you go to SM flagged folks dont even fight each other half the time they are all PvErs trying to get the free luck bonus without ever being at risk of dying to another player

Wars are impossible for me to get into I cant even PvE half the time and have the game work decently i gave up on trying outpost rush

And yet somehow all the Pvers think the devs are focusing 100% on PvP Which is currently run by exploiters and lag then no new content to show for it or solutions to the current PvP content issues

But hey Elden Ring is around the corner between the bad performance on ESO and New world

Elden ring might just be worth it but all these brave souls talking about going to Lost Ark which has amazons touch on it that sounds risky as hell

Youd think it was impossible to find a decent MMO with some ok performing servers and PvP/PvE that was worth doing that actually felt rewarding

I cant even log on the game anymore for more then 5 mins without being disgusted and i had high hopes this game would be worth it which probably makes me an idiot for actually hoping lol

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Same problem here, please AGS consider cross-server OPR. As an immediate action perhaps consider lowering down the people required to 24.

Or maybe not, maybe this game was about queues all the time and we are getting exactly the quintessence of what we paid for. Actually think about that, damn! I feel better now, OPR is the ultimate experience. Let’s gooooo!

If they added cross server queues I’d probably use my token to go to a less populated server just so that I can do crafting again.

everybody would be like less move to less pop server…than it become high pop :rofl:

This. I could probably live with the balance issues if at least more than half my skills actually hit the target. I would still rage at people playing light armor + rapier + any other weapon though.

If i’m going to have face people inside running with 30%+ speed exploit, at the very least i would prefer to not wait in queue to enter this pvp mode.

make it cross server already

also, why in the actual F* cant i write in the chat after an outpost rush?

get fired already ffs.

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They don’t give a damn about PvP. They are incapable of making a PvP game. They want you to stick your head in a mythic + pve dungeon.

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They left because of all the exploiting Going on, which hasnt changed and will never Change, because people barely get Banned.