PvP outdoor and the new luck increase "perk" with PvP on

To incentive people to activate the PvP they said an increment of luck if u togle PvP on… OK the fact is that PvP is all around Risk vs Reward i think after one week no one will togle PvP on for farm in specially in pek hours when lot of people is walking trought the map. Because if u put in a balance the items u can farm with PvP Off and the items u Farm with PvP ON (always talking in pek hours not i time when no one is playing the game) i think PvP OFF will win so people finally will continue with PvP disabled. Like the 10% exp lvling almost all people go with PvP off cause the time u spend diying or fighting another players is not worth the exp bonus u obtain. If luck is also so insignificant like the Exp bonus it will be a Fail try hard. Like i said is all about Risk vs Reward… if the Reward dont compensate de Risk people that enable PvP only for the benefits will fast unable it another time.

I agree. They need to make it so if you have the luck from pvp you can reach a luck threshold that gives you unique drops that you can’t get otherwise…
Maybe pvp related drops.
In any other case it will not work because even one death will ultimately cost you resources in the end…


It’s a good start but this all the way

Unfortunately they will always be crippled by what they can do - even the announcement caused uproar with people saying they were being forced into PvP - despite the fact we all know that being PvP’d will massively slow down your farm rate.
I would almost prefer it to be a set amoun that did not stack with gear Luck. If gear capped you at say 20% (no idea what real value it does), then flagged would put you at say 25% (or whatever is decided to be the acceptable amount).
That way you can actually run around ready for a fight rather than everyone wearing crappy luck gear.
So the incentive is slightly better Luck and not having to have gearsets. Meanwhile, for PvErs tha hate PvP aren’t overly distraught. Also enables those interested in PvP to flag - as that is part of the issue, not only is there a lack of incentive to flag, but if you want to farm you are wearing suboptimal fighting gear so even PvPers are not flagging. Heck, even just matching gear Luck would likely be enough to cause PvPers to flag, but wouldn’t do anything to encourage the middle ground people.

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Absolutely, that feature i think will be another placeholder with 0 sense. Luck Suit will be always better than ready for fight PvP suit with pvp enabled, and luck suit with PvP enabled can be a die like a retard all time worthless… they must go around other features in open world instead of give small buff , cause this is not worth and have 0 sense.
They cant understad that PvPrs want PvP outworld, but giving small bonuses will never be worth in a game that have PvP optional. Always a people with 0 die risk will be lot more worth, also can wear on luck suits,go solo, etc ,etc… the only way to go is put features with PvP on yes, or yes that are really worth farm and go play that outworld features.

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