Pvp questions (arena)

so i quit this game a while ago but i heard there’s arenas now and i personally love arena pvp so i was thinking about coming back to try it. i just have a few questions on how it works.

  1. is gear equalized? if not, how long would it take to get good gear? (the last time i played, i gave up farming the elite areas and my ilvl drops were like 510.)
  2. are there consumables?
  3. is it rated like wow, or more casual like eso battlegrounds? how is the matchmaking?
  4. is the meta extremely tanky? is light/med viable?
  1. Gear doesnt get equalized. It will take a lot of ingame gold to get top gear bur only like 50-100k gold for good gear. Sadly the expertise will still take at min. 1 week with a good team but solo more like 2-3 weeks of min. 4h grind per day.
  2. the consumables are free. u get food and potions (small bug with potions) and munition is “free” (u need at least one of the munition in the slot to get the multiplier buff on each shot but it wont be consumed)
  3. matchmaking is extremly bad. for under lvl 60s there is no way to play, as they can not even find a match unless 6 low levels with the same level are trying to find a match. For those at lvl 60, its pure random, what kind of allies and enemies u get. If u play solo its also very likely to play against premades, as they are more likely to play arena.
  4. Its better to play meele in the arena but ranged is also good. GA is still one of the best weapons even for arena but weapons like spear truly shine there. The armor is a good mix. I have seen every type there. The most used ones are light and med as there are more dds playing arena and heal is now forced to play light to get top healing output.

There’s not much point in spending several hours a day for 1-2 weeks grinding just to get your gear to a mildly acceptable level for a single map random que deathmatch arena that will probably get old in less time than it took to grind your way there.

Thanks for the replies. I guess i won’t be coming back if i have to grind that much just for gear.

Sounds like this game isn’t for you.

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