PVP re-work finally

Finally, I quit this game 2 months ago mainly because the pvp was garbage, it was literally dominated by the braindead huga bunga build (bruiser) which a kid with mental issues could easily play and outperform due to the fact that mixed survivality massive dmg and inmunity to cc, seems that finally the build is been more focused towards cc/survavility than massive dmg while giving a chance for counterplay if you eat 1 of the aoe cc’s.
Seems like initially at least meta thinking will be a thing and new builds will be created due to perk changes.

All at all very good and a reason for me to get back to the game.
This game was literally: Play arena, get fcked by bruiser or bow, play those builds fck everyone else up. Try to play an off meta build like my greatsword/void guantlet and even after putting way more effort the results were pathetic compared to a huga bunga bruiser build which just required me to land 1 cc to start the infinite chain.

All I’ve left to say is that you might have overshot slightly with the bruiser set up nerf, I gave the idea of the 300strength perk going to 300cons that’s good and reducing the warhammer dmg output or make their skills with aoe cc single target cc, but at the end it seems that it’s a mix of evertyhing including the reduction of upwards of 50% dmg on some hammer skills which that might been a bit excesive.

Can’t wait for this to go live and play again.

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Honestly I would recommend not running this build ever. You’re sacrificing so much damage, while in theory it should be fun. If you’re planning to play PvP it’s not worth running weapons that don’t benefit from the same attributes as your losing to much damage to beat a competent PvPer.

I hope you enjoy coming back, it will shake up the meta, but be prepared for bows and FS to be in the majority post patch

Yeah well tbh I expected a nerf on the bow which didn’t happen I guess this will go live they’ll see how op will it be now and then nerf it, It has to many anti close gap skills which deal a lot of dmg. But at least is not horrible like the bruiser or musket OPR spam

Ya it’s really exasperated when you have more then 5 bows, it’s kind of been the issue with OPRs since you left.

They gave them a slight damage reduction this patch, but with the Resil/ and fortify changes it may end up where there is no noticeable difference. The saving grace is no ME anymore so they won’t get to the point where they can straight blow people up