PvP Rewards need to be improved


  • 0 Rounds: 250 XP
  • 1 Round: 350 XP | 100 Salt
  • 2 Rounds won: 500 XP | 200 Salt
  • Match won: 750 XP | 400 Salt

I’m still waiting for AGS to make Arena rewards more generous.


Open World

  • *Max Per Kill: ~1600 XP | 3100 Salt

Outpost Rush

  • 2500 XP | 2000 Salt
  • 2000 XP | 1500 Salt
  • 2000 XP | 1000 Salt (Maximum for Losing)
  • 1500 XP | 1000 Salt
  • 500 XP (Possibly None) | 0 Salt

Outpost rush really depends on server population. You could do other things while waiting like doing PvP missions. 1 Minute prep phase. Potential 45 minute war phase. However, it could end fairly quickly given that one team gets the 3 point score increase which would end the game about 10 minutes after the start. Even if you manage to win the game quickly it’s less likely you’ll get into the top tier of rewards. Maximum is treated as if you did. Minimum is using the 1500 XP | 1000 Salt tier.

Minimum: 32 XP & 21 Salt Per Min.
Maximum: 227 XP & 181 Salt Per Min


  • 2500 XP | 2500 Salt
  • 2000 XP | 1500 Salt
  • 1500 XP | 1000 Salt
  • 1000 XP | 500 Salt

Wars have a 15 minute prep phase, after that assuming each point in captured quickly you could end the war in 5 minutes or less. However, you don’t have to be in the prep phase for the full 15 minutes, you could join in the last 5. Wars are entirely based on performance. Let’s say that the absolute minimum is 10 minutes and the maximum is 45.

Minimum: 22 XP & 11 Salt Per Min
Maximum: 250 XP & 200 Salt Per Min

PvP Missions

  • Per: 350 XP | 200 Salt
    Retrieve & Control Missions in GC have been reduced further to 200 XP | 100 Salt.

Unfortunately AGS has decided to practically kill these.

In Great Cleave:
Minimum: 80 XP | 40 Salt Per Min
Maximum: 110 XP | 60 Salt Per Min

To get better rates you’d have to be running missions in an area that takes less than 6 minutes and 20 seconds per cycle. The best rate you can maintain is 140 XP | 80 Salt Per Min.

Fort Captures

  • Per: 1000 XP | 300 Salt

Fort captures give a good amount of XP and a decent amount of Salt but take long to capture and travel to. Availability also varies. Given that it takes at least 10 minutes to capture it’s not worth it unless you need the fort for bonuses or to control it before it locks. To me this increased timer seems to just reinforce afk behavior and toxic PvP when someone does try to contest. For example, a player is solo capping a fort, this will take 15 minutes. If another player shows up during this time there’s no winning as the camps allow you to respawn in 30 seconds.

Minimum: 33 XP & 10 Salt Per Min
Maximum: 50 XP & 15 Salt Per Min

Remove arena limit & increase the rewards.



i waited an hour for OPR queue to finaly pop, and we lost the OPR it was a good game and decently matched even, it took quite a while felt like 30minutes+ of gameplay but i get 0 progress for the new PVP track because we lost, after investing an hour and a half into the PVP game mode that feels very bad.

please consider balancing rewards differently for this mode


I’d also like to remind everyone that this is purely a reward track. Getting to the next tier only slightly improves rewards if that and gives you a title. After 1.5.3 it seems the best way to grind PvP XP is to run arenas in a premade group trying to win as quickly as possible. Even if you win, with each match taking on average 4 rounds each of them taking an average of a minute that would mean you’re receiving ~125 XP | 66 Salt Per Min. Not much better than GC PvP Missions even after the nerf. At that rate you’d expect to complete a track in an hour and 20 minutes. That doesn’t even account for queue times, load times, etc. All of that for 3 rewards from 9 random options.

  • T4 packs are useless to me besides the craft mods.
  • I never take faction tokens, why would I? The next update removes tuning orbs, what’s there to spend in the token shop? If I needed material converters or something else I can do one or two PvE missions in the SM, EG, or RW.
  • The gear is nice but most of it is two perk gear that don’t often have matching attributes and perks.
  • The shards come in small quantities at least in the lower tiers but for people who can run a M10 what’s the benefit?

So the rewards seem more for players who are still leveling or trying to get gear. I personally only grinded until I got Champion’s Ring but now I don’t feel like grinding especially due to how unrewarding it is.

Arenas Suggested Reward Amounts

  • 0 Rounds: 250 XP | 150 Salt
  • 1 Round: 500 XP | 300 Salt
  • 2 Rounds won: 750 XP | 450 Salt
  • Match won: 1000 XP | 600 Salt

Further improvements:

  1. Rotational Grazing/Hotspots
    I like the idea of a PvP hotspot like Great Cleave. However, I really like the idea of rotating where this hotspot is located. All missions should be adjusted based on distance. Have a double XP and Salt event rotating between the three unclaimed territories (Great Cleave, Edengrove, Shattered Mountain). I do not think that the “hotspots” should be in any of the claimable territories. Claimable territories should have their influenced pushed when players want to declare war in an effort to take the territory for themselves. Having them be the hotspots or the only places to gain PvP XP from faction missions is BAD.
  2. Allowed camps to be destroyed.
    If you’re flagged your tent can be destroyed. When you switch between flagged and unflagged your tent gets destroyed. If you’re flagged you can set your respawn at a tent that another flagged player from your faction has created. If you’re unflagged you can set your respawn at any tent but if it is a flagged tent you’d have to be careful because it can disappear if the player that created it unflags or someone else destroys it. Of course there should be an indicator on whether a tent is “flagged” or not and which faction controls it if flagged.

PvP Missions
-Make a PvP hotspot again.
-Overhaul PvP faction missions.

Fort Captures
-Decrease Salt by at least 150.
-Decrease XP by at least 500.
-Decrease the amount of time it takes.

The OPR rewards are a bug I guess. Because why 1 (!!) of each instead of just zero? They said based on individual performance, which shouldn’t be affected 100% by winning or losing.

It’s either 1 or 0. I know the first OPR game I played I came in 20th overall after about 30 minutes and it didn’t show anything as a reward. However, when I looked at my PvP Reward track I noticed it had gone from 0 XP to 1 XP and the same with the Azoth Salt. Some people reported not even getting 1 from it.

Either way, it cannot be intended to cut out the losers completely.

Yeah, every game mode still has rewards for the losing team. For example war is practically the same reward for everyone, regardless of winning, losing, or participation.

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