PvP Scaling Needs to come back - The Single WORST change in New Worlds Life Span Thus Far

Games that generate 0 interest and have 0 people talking about them don’t magically have millions PvPing in them. Amount of content being consumed on a game can usually show how well it is doing. Thats why It’s more important to look at stuff like arena ladders/views that PvP streamers of a certain game are getting as opposed to just talking about player counts.

If we judged MMO pvp purely based on the amount of players the entire game has it would seems like FF14 is a good PvP game. Everyone knows that FF14 pvp is a total meme.

Edit: also just compare arena ladders from WoW wto any of the games you mentioned. Arena is just one of WoW’s PVP modes and will easily outnumber any scaled PVP game you mentioned. Arena also is only one of the PVP modes. If you add battlegrounds/world pvp on top of these, other games aren’t remotely close.

The 10% exp bonus pales in comparison for the cost of repairing your gear as you die.
So on top of:

  • not flagging up cuz they’re not max level
  • not wanting to get ganked by a healer-greataxe team
  • not wanting to waste their time/azoth travelling back
  • not wanting to get ganked while fighting in PVE

you will hemorrage gold faster than you can make it

There is no incentive to flag up for pvp, only pain and suffering

Let’s not mention on servers that are dominated by a faction, you will usually be alone flagged up against a lot of people of the opposing faction


I told you specifically what their actual PvP metrics are. Numbers garnered from actual population trackers. They’re actual numbers, of real participants, in PvP right now.

Do you just not believe in actual metrics, and instead believe in fake images. I mean, do you actually believe that life is like whatever people say it is on Instagram and Tik Tok? Because I hate to break it to you, but those are image manipulated illusions.

Do I need to link the server trackers for you?


XIV’s pvp is actually decent. People just don’t queue for it because its a story focused pve game and that’s what the majority play. I was simply pointing out the nonsense you were typing with streaming numbers.

You’re talking about how many people log in daily. You specifically said 700k log in daily, but you’re not talking about how many people actually PvP daily.

Like if we do stuff based off of “how many people log in daily” FF14 is the best PvP game, which is obviously wrong.

I told you specifically that ESO has a pop cap of 1800 on each of their 4 instanced PvP servers. I told you specifically that 3 of the servers sit at a third capacity, on peak. But their main Alliance locked server sits at locked capacity through peak, every day. I mean its math

On their main qued server, they have 1800… daily. Thats not even doing the addition of the tertiary servers.

Ether you didn’t fully read my post, or now you’re just trolling

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1800x4 in the best scenario is 7200.

Lets assume this game gets more then the other games you listed.
TBC WoW 2s leader board has more 2s team then this game has players. Also it’s important to note that all of these teams cap weekly for arena points, so they have to log in and play.

TBC WoW 2s is one subset of WoW’s pvp.

If you added TBC 3s/TBC 5s/ TBC BGs/ Retail 2s/ Retail 3s/ Retail RBGs

This site can give you everything you need to know, one small subsection of the many minigames WoW has single handedly takes down ESO.

I’m not saying ESO is a bad game, I’m saying non-scaled PVP MMOs generate more interest then scaled ones.

Also one more edit: if you combine EU and NA its not even close. I was giving ESO the benefit of the doubt only counting NA.

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I understand that’s your opinion. The last time I PvPed in WoW, it was scaled (and/or level bracketed), and it was in BGs. But admittedly that was some time ago.

My point is that looking at hyped information like leaderboards, or streamers is not a real reflection of the large scale PvP, playing and more importantly paying, main player base.

Thats a skewed, telescoped perception of the actual world. Besides, we both know Blizzard has all kinds of problems, and is in decline… Of course for reasons that are far beyond their PvP modes.

As to ESO, I was not counting EU numbers ether. I was only looking at NA

But most importantly about every single game ether one of us has mentioned is accessibility. Not canalized into sole 50 vs 50 scenarios. If non-scaled PvP was an effective mode for the open world in NW, people would be doing it. They’re not. That fact speaks for itself

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Its not a opinion. You have to acknowledge that these non-scaled MMOs have way more players. You were a fan of analytics until you realized WoW has a full database of all of their modes. Every team that is made in retail and TBC also have to play weekly to cap arena points.

Also WoW retail tried stat templates in Legion- system failed they reverted the change
BFA tried full pvp scaling - it failed and was reverted

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see above

100% LVL UP problem solved god there is so many whiners in this forum is crazy !!!

whatever your post are cant be asked to read it all, your just wrong only noobs want scaled pvp lvl up and shut up

So lets completely ignore the fact that your stats are flawed in the way you presented them. The 173k + players across all TBC brackets&regions on your provided database are not unique players and that teams themselves are not static.

Your argument thus far boils down to, ‘games should conform to the trend in the genre.’ Why should you get XP towards your level by plucking some weeds from the ground? If this is the case why should your level have any determination of your power?

This argument that you make is the reason why this game has been dumbed to the extent where as you say the skill cap isn’t very high. And you are right, its not. There is absolutely no skill involved in the combat of this game since the players can no longer punish mistakes consistently.

New World was presented as the ‘Dark Souls of MMOs’ in media outlets leading up to and during the preview in 2019.

There used to be three weapons slots, shared skill cooldowns, stagger and no melee lunge but this was all stripped away because the traditional MMO crowd refused to learn the game’s mechanics during the public preview. Hell a significant number of people still think that the preview had perma-staggerlock because of these fools.

All that was left was slightly higher PVP scaling to compensate from the removal of core features, with no changes made to facilitate it. Yet the cries were still made because despite having a consistent advantage from utility slots, better utilities, more attributes, better perks on their ‘hard earned’ gear and probably better weapon skills if they actually did combat. They still had a chance to narrowly lose against someone ten levels below them and when they did they would flip out on the reddit, the forums, on streams and social media.

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Only TBC WoW has teams. Retail WoW is individual players. And I posted the website so you can look at the numbers for yourself. If you think ESO PvP is even remotely close you are wrong.

But I’m sure you played betas.
Do you really think the hatchet left click spam from the beta over a year ago was skill?
Do you really think stacking life staff HoT spamming was skill based from the recent beta was skill cap?

New World in every iteration has never been that crazy of a skill gap.

They really didn’t think long term in this. They reduced re-playability, they blocked many players from engaging with a system, an incredibly well designed system IMO, unless they do 100 hrs of grinding first…!

How am I ever to convince friends to jump in to this game when I tell them they are statistically boned for the next 100 hrs first?

Let’s be honest, PvE is lacking, it’s more of a relaxed crafting mini game in that regard than a challenging, story driven, intense gameplay experience. But PvP is exciting, engaging, and challenging. Yet they locked it behind days of playtime.

And for what, so those with all the spare time in the world can have an easy time playing a part of the game I honestly don’t believe they even enjoy, because if they did they would want scaling, as scaling means a healthier PvP pop into the future, no! And when their advantage wears off, and they realize they can never reach those days of being godlike again, they will be the first out the door.

Come on AGS, this was a winning formula, and you bottled it. PvP was better in CB!


If scaling automatically makes a “healthier PVP pop in the future” why does a MMORPG without scaling have a healthier PVP population then games that do have scaling.

I don’t agree with the correlation at all because the correlation doesn’t exist. Also if you can’t convince your friends to play this maybe they don’t like MMORPGs (which are notoriously known to require time investment to become stronger)

i sign a petition for a full server pvp during the beta.
And was only tag pvp on rvr The 2 first night since the release
now im alone they switch server (Q trouble) :slight_smile: and im pve boy to the end :slight_smile: waiting lvl 60 its true …

Scaling was fun, for all, and a lvl 60 have more skill active and passive than lvl 20 scalled

Players during the beta asking end of scaling doesnt like pvp, just grey kill and zerg :slight_smile:

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But the devs of that game were too incompetent to do it right. I am sure AGS could handle it if they tried. Full normalization is the way to go.

The only “popular” you game you keep referencing is WoW, and WoW’s owpvp is nonexistent for the exact reasons everyone is stating in this thread. Everyone sticks to the bracketed pvp and WoW continuously keeps making new systems trying to make gear less of an impact in pvp so new players can queue and not get destroyed.

The only games I’ve seen with large scale open world style pvp that is actually active is straight up ESO and GW2.

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Only noobs want stat advantages and guaranteed victories with no reliance on skill.

Funny how easy your statement is to turn on you.

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